Responds to changing consumer choices with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform

Belgacom is Belgium’s biggest telecommunications provider. Like many operators in this highly competitive market, it looks to the ‘quadruple play’ of fixed and mobile telephony, with Internet and Digital TV, to consolidate its lead and enhance its profitability.

With more and more tempting options to lure consumers away, the company puts a lot of effort into keeping its call centre bang-up-to date. It’s a core element in its business strategy, and Belgacom was first drawn to the exceptional call centre capabilities of Genesys solutions.

Starting with replacing its old IVR system, Belgacom moved on to multi-channel routing. It offers instant live agent interaction to web browsers and online sales support along with online chat. Meanwhile the company has gained real visibility and control over its outsourced call centres.

In addition, the Belgacom Directory Information Services (DIS) Division, which provides directory information services on behalf of all telecommunication providers active in Belgium, has taken its Customer Experience to the next level. Its highly efficient contact centre can handle up to 90,000 calls per day with just 300 agents. Belgacom DIS generates additional revenue through value added services like message forwarding. By migrating to a SIP-based Genesys solution, the company has been able to drive down costs further and offer new services.

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“Our Genesys-based integration of web and phone to support online product sales has been very well received, so we’re pressing ahead.”
Gerry Cools, Sales Strategy and Development Manager, Belgacom


  • Smart IVR has reduced the average time agents speak to customers to just 30 seconds.
  • Agent productivity has risen sharply – each agent handles an average of 1,000 calls per day from a previous level of 600.
  • A message forwarding service has proved popular with customers and is generating a brand new revenue stream.
  • IVR system cut live agent calls by one million a year, using self-service for simpler inquiries, while  repeat inbound calls fell by five per cent for improved customer satisfaction
  • Personalised online chat integration, based on an avatar named EVA, provides a quicker way to handle customer issues as well as raising conversion rates from 16 to 25 percent
  • Virtualised Desktop Infrastructure integration with five outsourced call centres standardises working tools and gives Belgacom the ability to track calls right through to resolution


  • Increase the margins on a shrinking directory information service by driving down costs.
  • Seek new revenue streams through value-added services that complement the core directory information services
  • Integrate new communications channels with company website to enhance customer choice
  • Provide instant live agent interaction for online browsers and support online sales
  • Gain full visibility and control over customer calls routed to outsourced call centre operators

In the past, we had to maintain our PBX system. We needed Nortel engineers to service the equipment. Today we manage all our maintenance in house and the cost has fallen by 30%