Genesys Cloud CX Choose the all-in-one, AI‑powered cloud contact centre solution

Genesys Cloud CX orchestrates experiences across every customer and employee interaction

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Power personalised end-to-end experiences at scale

Genesys Cloud CX™ is the world’s leading AI‑powered experience orchestration platform. With it, you can coordinate every step of your customer and employee experience by shaping journeys for moments that matter.

Trusted by businesses of all sizes in over 100 countries, Genesys Cloud CX is the leading customer and employee experience solution. With AI everywhere powering omnichannel engagements, intelligent routing, built-in workforce engagement, end-to-end journey management and more — you can improve customer loyalty and employee retention. Use one platform to power more connected, meaningful experiences. Every customer. Every interaction. Every time.

Power personalized end-to-end experiences at scale

Only Genesys Cloud CX achieves true AI‑powered experience orchestration


AI is native and infused throughout the entire Genesys Cloud™ platform. Harness the power of AI to gain deep customer insights. Predict customer needs, identify trends and make data-driven decisions that enable better service. With Genesys Cloud CX, you can solve high-value customer and employee experience challenges faster.

Born in the cloud

Genesys Cloud CX is designed for the cloud era, ensuring you have the agility, scalability and innovations you need to succeed. Say goodbye to legacy systems and on-premises headaches — Genesys Cloud CX is built for the digital age. And with our native API-first, open cloud platform, you can take advantage of cloud-first benefits.

All-in-one platform

Combine customer engagement, workforce engagement and journey management capabilities in one platform. Genesys Cloud CX eliminates the need for patchwork solutions and multiple vendors. Our unified, AI‑powered technology ensures you can effectively and intelligently serve the full customer and employee journey.

All the tools you need, all in one place

Orchestrate every step of every experience with a powerful set of all-in-one voice, digital, AI, journey analytics, customer engagement and workforce management capabilities — all from one unified platform. And optimise your solution with a rich set of open APIs, pre-built integrations and our expansive AppFoundry® Marketplace. Together, these capabilities make it possible to achieve true AI‑powered experience orchestration — and deliver the experiences your customers and employees deserve.

Modernize your contact center with a CCaaS leader

Modernise your contact centre with a CCaaS leader

Genesys Cloud CX delivers a continuous product innovation cycle every week — resulting in over 400 new features every year.

A modern, cloud native solution, Genesys Cloud CX delivers unmatched scalability; easy-to-use, ready-to-deploy interfaces; a single tool for building orchestration flows; and an event data platform for multi-stage data lifecycle management.

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