AI-powered visibility and collaboration

Dental Axess, a market leader in digital dentistry, has united its sales and support teams around the world while empowering busy customers to engage on their own terms. By integrating the Genesys Cloud™ platform, advisors work efficiently and manage phone, email, WhatsApp, webchat and social media conversations from a single desktop.

Faster 24/7 response with cost-effective chatbot assistance

One global queue for WhatsApp and multichannel support requests

Saved 1.5 days of work per week, plus raised service levels

Overnight switch to remote working

Greater visibility of business-impacting metrics like 100% call answering

Now, with WhatsApp, clients send pictures and our advisors can quickly see the problem and show them what to do. And they can juggle inquiries in other channels — all from their Genesys Cloud application.

Patricia Zoller

Marketing Manager

Dental Axess

Communication barriers

Pushing the boundaries for a decade, Dental Axess was founded with the firm belief that digital dentistry gives dental professionals new possibilities to improve patients’ experiences. Today, it leads the market in digital dentistry in Australia and New Zealand, and has established offices in Europe and North America. With a team across the world, it offers hands-on service through regional presence and global transfer of experience, tapping into trends, market development and state-of-the-art technology.

The company is passionate about delivering first-class training and support — before, during and after its technology transition. Previously, operations ran on isolated VoIP telephony systems from different vendors. Consequently, sales, service and IT bore the pain.

“Along with legacy system limitations, we wasted time transferring calls, handling different language requests and failing to collaborate with colleagues,” said Per Claesson, Director and Co-Founder at Dental Axess. “We knew it was affecting customer satisfaction. Also, our clients tend to be busy with patients all day, so we needed ways of engaging them outside office hours.”

WhatsApp blended into one global support queue

Determined to put customers and employees first, the company considered various options before settling on the Genesys Cloud platform. “It’s very user-friendly with great reporting and management tools,” said Claesson. “Genesys introduced us to local partner, TechneValue, for a smooth migration. They went out of their way to understand our business, personalise design and suggest ideas to get more value from the omnichannel platform.”

One idea was to integrate Genesys Cloud with WhatsApp, which is fast becoming the channel of choice for customer support. Before, technical specialists would receive inquiries and scramble to locate colleagues to translate emails or take calls. Or, if the message arrived as a social media post, they might have to break off to respond via mobile device. Further, specialists wasted time explaining how to initiate remote control sessions.

“Now, with WhatsApp, clients send screenshots and pictures, and our specialists can quickly see the problem and show them what to do,” said Patricia Zoller, Marketing Manager at Dental Axess. “And they can juggle inquiries in other channels — all from their Genesys Cloud application.”

Digitising and streamlining support requests alone has improved productivity and saved about 1.5 days across the team, per week. Unlike before, specialists can start a WhatsApp conversation, while attending to other calls and messages. Issues logged on the company’s website now feed directly into Genesys Cloud, giving instant visibility from their desktops. This also saves time and removes the need to manage a separate queue.

In addition to WhatsApp, the Genesys Cloud platform allows specialists to deliver a highly efficient omnichannel experience. They can manage phone, email, text, web chat and social media conversations that arrive via Facebook and Instagram more easily via a single desktop. And there’s only one global number for messages and one global support queue, which greatly simplifies quality monitoring and reporting.

Artificial intelligence and integration possibilities

TechneValue expertly assisted Dental Axess in creating a virtual assistant to extend weekday service to 24 hours and improve efficiency. The chatbot triages and resolves basic requests. More complex inquiries are identified quickly and routed to the best-placed specialist. If they need to check anything, they can use Genesys Agent Chat to get answers from colleagues.

Service improvements don’t end there. “Next, we’re looking to integrate Genesys Cloud with Microsoft Teams and Dynamics CRM, reducing effort and making collaboration and customer relationship management even simpler,” added Zoller.

Better sales campaigns and business steering

Like many companies, Dental Axess drives new business through outbound campaigns and paid advertising on platforms like Facebook and Google Ads. “Having all our data in one place will make it easier to manage and nurture leads, for example, by feeding information from live chat to our CRM system,” said Zoller.

We issued staff with headsets and laptops and went to remote working in one day. Now, customers have more ways to get in touch and we have much better visibility and control over metrics to steer the business — like a 100% success rate when answering calls. Now we have the tools to do that.

Per Claeson

Owner and Co-Founder

Dental Axess

The company has come a long way in a short time. Key performance measures like average handle time and first-contact resolution used to be hidden.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced companies to transition to remote working to ensure the safety of employees and their families, Dental Axess was already prepared. Six months after moving to the Genesys Cloud platform, the team safely navigated COVID-19 challenges and re-emerged stronger.

“We issued staff with headsets and laptops and switched to remote working in one day,” concluded Claesson. “Now, customers have more ways to get in touch and we have much better visibility and control over metrics to steer the business — like a 100% success rate when answering calls. Now we have the tools to do that.”

At a glance

Customer: Dental Axess

Industry: Healthcare

Location: Switzerland, with global operations


  • Improve employee collaboration
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Engage with busy customers on their terms