EE Retail

Boosts Performance and Employee Engagement Through Performance Management

EE is the UK’s most advanced digital communications company and aims to deliver the best network and customer service to its customers, so that they trust EE with their digital lives. To do this, the company recognised that it was vital to invest in a strategic performance management programme to support its 5,000+ employees across 735 retail stores.

Social media, review sites, online communities and price comparison sites are making customers exceptionally knowledgeable, so EE’s employees need to be experts. To rise to this challenge, EE is using Genesys Performance DNA to help implement robust performance management that enables retail staff to take ownership of their own development.

The solution allows people to learn more dynamically, and to focus on key subjects and access relevant training materials at the time they want to. A variety of media and vehicles are being used to make learning more rewarding and fun. In addition to saving time and money by targeting performance gaps and enabling innovative learning online, EE is better able to manage its accreditation process and evidence compliance.


  • Massive cost reductions by reducing location-based training
  • Much higher levels of employee engagement and individual performance
  • Robust accreditation and evidenced compliance