Assures customer service level with Genesys Workforce Optimisation

As Sweden’s biggest bank, Swedbank stays out in front by responding smartly to changing consumer lifestyles. They were the first to introduce internet and mobile banking in their region and have become a growing force in the Baltic countries.

A key to the bank’s success can be found in their adoption of the multichannel Genesys Customer Experience Platform. And now they’ve gone further, adding Genesys Workforce Optimisation with skills-based routing to cut wait times and improve first call resolution rates.

The system optimises scheduling, automatically working out the right levels of agent availability and controlling costs, along with real-time monitoring to maintain peak performance. And that means increased customer satisfaction–no matter which channel they choose.


  • Average response period cut by a full five minutes, representing a fall of over 75% in call centre wait times
  • Agent numbers stable against an overall rise in traffic volumes, meaning enhanced productivity, and 98% accurate monthly workforce forecasts
  • First call resolution rates improved, with 5% fewer calls transferred to staff elsewhere in the contact centre


  • Enhance customer service and keep costs down, with optimal work scheduling and real time monitoring to maintain peak performance
  • Adapt effortlessly to changing consumer behaviors and channel preferences to help maintain a competitive edge in a fast-moving market

As mobile banking channels get busier, we’re moving from telephony-based responses to digital self-service and, with Genesys, we can accurately reconfigure our resources to match changing demand.

Martin Kedback, Head of Business Development and Support, Swedbank