Cloud deployment assures client focus and employee safety

Leading SaaS provider Cegid transformed its customer support by replacing disparate on-premises systems with the Genesys Cloud CX™ platform. This enabled the company to get 400 agents working from home in 48 hours while increasing customer satisfaction by nearly 10% and gaining a 20% improvement in meeting SLAs.

97% reduction in IVR numbers, from 70 to 2

Real-time reporting and better visibility of KPIs

10% rise in customer satisfaction

20% improvement in SLAs

400 agents moved to remote working in 48 hours

Near-zero impact on customers

Thanks to the agility of Genesys Cloud CX, we were able to get 400 agents working from home in just two days — with no impact on our customers.

Thierry Galvagni



Providing best-in-class support

Cegid knows all about performance-enhancing cloud technology. The company’s innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions power over 200,000 clients in 75 countries — from accounting, finance and tax, and payroll to human resources, ERP and retail professionals.

In addition to creating smart products, Cegid is passionate about providing the best support. With aging telephony systems and disparate data, this meant it needed to radically overhaul its information and communication system to a more agile cloud model.

“Our former system wasn’t as flexible or adaptable as our business needed, which made it difficult to optimise inbound and outbound calls,” said Thierry Galvagni, CIO at Cegid. “It was also challenging to connect back-office systems, which meant customer records did not always follow the caller.”

Supporting international growth

Having scanned the market, Cegid opted for the Genesys Cloud CX platform. “We needed to move to a cloud-based solution to support our international growth and provide our customers with an experience that matched our in-house software,” added Galvagni. “Genesys Cloud CX met all of these needs.”

Six months after deployment, that decision has served Cegid well. For instance, the solution enabled the company to make service improvements that weren’t attainable before, such as ticketing system integration and call flow optimisation. Now, customers reach the right expert the first time and are served faster.

The Genesys Cloud CX solution has allowed the company to streamline its 70 previous IVR numbers down to just two, simplifying management. Cegid agents have also experienced benefits from using Genesys Cloud CX. One example is improved access to historical and real-time customer data, allowing agents to provide a more connected experience.

Other advantages include better visibility of performance indicators and greater reporting accuracy. “Since deploying Genesys Cloud CX, we’ve already increased customer satisfaction by nearly 10% and gained a 20% improvement in meeting our SLAs.” In addition, the company is now able to more accurately measure customer service effectiveness, and the company’s managers have greater visibility into specific KPIs. This has enabled Cegid to provide better training and more accurate reporting.

Fast and responsive during a crisis

The flexibility of Genesys Cloud CX solution was crucial in enabling Cegid to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. Removing the need to commute has not only reduced stress for its employees, it’s also improved their safety and well-being.

“Thanks to the agility of Genesys Cloud CX, we were able to get 400 agents working from home in just two days — with no impact on our customers,” said Galvagni. “We would never have been able to do this with our previous legacy supplier. Genesys has been a critical part of our COVID-19 business continuity plan in ensuring the health and safety our employees while continuing to deliver the high-quality service our customers deserve.”

Keeping retail, payroll and HR systems running for Cegid clients — from long-established companies like Longchamp to independent small businesses and even self-employed taxi drivers — ensures the company keeps trading and emerges stronger.

We would never have been able to do this with our previous legacy supplier. Genesys has been a critical part of our COVID-19 business continuity plan.

Thierry Galvagni



Seeing endless possibilities

Cegid began its contact centre transformation with its Lyon, France, location and plans to extend the solution to its 15 global subsidiaries in the near future. “We’ve tested Genesys Cloud CX to ensure it can scale to include every employee, and the solution has proven to be an effective, cost-efficient replacement for our contact centre systems around the world,” added Galvagni.

In addition, Cegid is considering integrating the Genesys Cloud CX solution with its CRM system as well as introducing artificial intelligence capabilities, such as voicebots, chatbots and predictive engagement.

At a glance

Customer: Cegid

Industry: SaaS solutions

Location: France, with global operations

Company size: 3,000 employees, with approximately 400 agents


  • Empower agents to deliver amazing customer experience
  • Improve business agility and continuity
  • Increase speed of innovation

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