Social media channel gives banking giant human touch

ABN AMRO is perhaps not the first brand you would think of for leadership in social media. Unlike a West Coast-style tech-based startup, they are one of the most revered corporate names in the Netherlands, with a heritage stretching back to the year 1765.

But thanks to Genesys, the bank has been able to integrate social media into their customer service mix and is now holding digital one-to-one conversations with their customers all the time.

The technology helps the bank bring a smile to the faces of their customers, for example by tracking down an antique money box after hearing of one customer’s plight on Twitter. But it also has a serious side, making sure staffing levels are always right and the bank’s venerable brand is secure.


  • Enhanced customer service delivery and customer intimacy with a joined-up view of conversations
  • Tracking of interactions across major social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Improved workflow management and staffing


  • Extend communications to social media channels
  • Enhance competitive differentiation
  • Improve customer service

Having greater flexibility to move agents around means we smooth out peaks and troughs in resourcing, which saves money.

Eugenie Gijsberts, Business Consultant, ABN AMRO