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Updates contact centre with the Genesys Customer Experience Platform

Ingosstrakh is part of the INGO International Insurance Group that was established in 2004 and is a leading player in the Russian Insurance market. The Group integrates insurance and reinsurance solutions to enable their diverse customer companies to provide their clients with reliable financial protection. Ingosstrakh has a large number of customers who approach them on a regular basis with a wide range of questions. To better serve this need, the company faced the challenge of increasing its contact centre’s performance by modernising the existing platform. Learn how the Genesys solution has helped incorporate handling contact centre messages and calls over various channels within an integrated interface, ensure integration with the internal CRM system and provide reverse compatibility.


  • Integrated multichannel messaging and call handling
  • 5 to 7 second reduction in high-priority call-connection time
  • Established prioritisation for urgent calls to ensure they are identified and handled as a priority
  • KPIs could be implemented, specific to type of request, to control call duration and increase agency efficiency
  • Performance quality control ensures operators’ professional skills are constantly being updated

Genesys solutions have elevated the performance of the Ingosstrakh contact centre to a whole new level. Our customers can now connect with the contact centre through any means of communication.

Olga Sukhova, Head, Contact Centre, Ingosstrakh