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Quickly discover apps and integrations from an expansive marketplace that can help you address industry-specific processes and use cases.

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Extend the Genesys Cloud™ platform in and beyond the contact centre with the expertise of our trusted marketplace partners.

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Select premium apps that can be quoted and billed directly by Genesys, with many offering an automated free trial and one-click install.

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Customer relationship management (CRM)

Give your agents all the interaction controls and customer context they need in one unified desktop via leading CRM providers such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zendesk and more.

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Unified communications and collaboration (UCC)

Make it easier for your teams to collaborate. Connecting to top UCC apps like Microsoft Teams and Zoom enables your front-line agents to easily connect with expertise across the enterprise.

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Bots and automation

Give customers support at any hour with bots and artificial intelligence (AI). In addition to native AI capabilities, Genesys Cloud integrates with Amazon Lex, Google CCAI and more.

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of CX leaders prioritise a customer experience platform that integrates systems

“The State of Customer Experience,” Genesys, 2023

Unify and transform your CX ecosystem

Great customer experiences require an interconnected ecosystem and an organisation working in unison. Genesys Cloud is designed to accelerate your time to market and maximise your investments in existing technologies by easily connecting your contact centre to other business-critical systems. Embed key functionality and exchange data with a rich set of open APIs, simple integration methods and an expansive ecosystem of pre-built solutions and applications.

Integrate your contact centre with the apps you use every day

Unlock a world where deep integration meets simplicity, enhancing both customer and employee journeys. Browse our expansive app marketplace, effortlessly integrate popular CRM and UCC solutions and use powerful APIs with Genesys Cloud — your partner in creating meaningful, future-ready connections.

Get the widest choice of apps and integrations

Expand the horizons of your customer experience capabilities with an unparalleled breadth and depth of applications and integrations. Explore over 500 apps available in our AppFoundry® Marketplace, ready to quickly support your unique processes and use cases. Our extensive integrations — encompassing CRM systems, UCCs and other essential platforms — create a connected customer experience (CX) ecosystem that harmonises data and workflows, ensuring that your customer engagement is informed, intelligent and versatile.

Experience hassle-free trials, installations and billing

Explore our vast ecosystem of pre-built integrations and apps, many offering automated free trials and effortless one-click installations. Genesys Cloud emphasises user-friendly experiences, ensuring both IT and business users can explore and harness the power of our apps without any fuss. And premium apps are quoted and billed directly by Genesys, which keeps things simple and lets you focus on the tools that will help you orchestrate new levels of personalised customer service.

Integrate CRM and UCC for optimised experiences

In a world where every customer interaction matters, bringing your favorite CX apps to your front line, including popular CRM and UCC tools, ensures your agents will have all the context and support they need. Equip your agents with a unified desktop, providing omnichannel interaction controls and customer context. Our CRM system integrations consolidate and automate routing rules and other workflows, enabling your team to save time and enhance data accuracy, while UCC integrations foster efficient intra-organisational collaboration, so customer inquiries can be resolved with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

Explore an abundance of APIs and developer tools

Championing an API-first approach, Genesys Cloud unlocks limitless potential for developers to fashion innovative, custom solutions. With over 3,000 APIs, all public by default, your developers can explore, test and implement a wide spectrum of functionalities, tailoring the platform to meet your unique business needs. Through our Developer Centre, you have access to a multitude of dev tools, including platform and mobile SDKs, embeddable frameworks and more — all designed in modern programming languages to hasten your innovation agenda and shorten time-to-market.

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Unlock endless possibilities with apps and integrations

Transform your customer experience journey with versatile applications and extensive integrations. Don’t let technology gaps hinder your customer service; bridge them with cloud-based call centre solutions that seamlessly extend the power and utility of Genesys Cloud. Elevate every interaction and empower your agents by placing the tools they need at their fingertips. Schedule a demo today to discover how our open APIs and extensive roster of third-party integrations can help you customise a future-ready contact centre.

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Frequently asked questions

What is call centre integration?

Call centre integration streamlines operations by connecting technologies and communication channels into a unified system. This enhances efficiency, provides agents with quick access to vital customer information and promotes a seamless customer experience across various platforms.

What is the difference between a CRM system and a contact centre?

A CRM system manages and analyses customer data and interactions to improve business relationships, while a contact centre directly handles customer interactions and service across various communication channels, such as calls and emails, using data often sourced from CRM systems.

What is a call centre app?

A call centre app is a software application that supports call centre operations. It often includes features such as call routing, call recording, performance analytics and integrations with other systems, such as a CRM system or help desk software. Some apps may also offer capabilities for handling other channels, like email, live chat or social media.