Reinventing customer experience in the cloud

Based in Dublin, CallPageboy thrives on innovation. The company started in the 1970s as a mobile comms supplier and today, it offers around-the-clock customer experience services for companies of all sizes. Building richer connections between customers and brands, it’s a one-stop customer satisfaction shop that saves clients the hassle of having to hire, manage and develop staff or invest in technology.

The next step in its business evolution was developing new services. “Most of our clients are putting their data and systems in the cloud,” explained Ken Colley, Managing Director at CallPageboy. “So, although we’d always had a good Genesys on-prem experience, we knew we had to transform to stay relevant and thrive. We asked ourselves ‘What else can we do for customers?’ and ‘How can we contribute more and deliver greater value?’.”

Guided by its trusted partner, Wren Data, CallPageboy moved to the Genesys CloudTM solution after a successful pilot. “We were impressed by the Genesys Cloud omnichannel roadmap and the ease of integrating it with our IVR system and operational processes,” added Colley. “We do a lot of in-house scripting and coding, so the solution’s open APIs were a revelation.”

Given the always-on nature of CallPageboy services, system updates and upgrades were always a source of stress. So, when the Genesys Cloud solution came along, with its continuous development and release model, there was a big sigh of relief from the company’s IT team. No more working late nights or weekends.


  • Ability to create new services and offers
  • High agent efficiency and engagement
  • 20% reduction in handle time
  • Improved resource planning through forecasting
  • Simple, safer system changes

Currently, an agent will process around 15 such calls an hour and turn only 50% into appointments. Using bots, we reckon we can halve the number of calls and increase that conversion rate to 90%.

Michelle O’Donnell, Head of Operations, CallPageboy

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  • Stay relevant and deliver more value to customers
  • Improve efficiency and scope for service innovation