Lowell Norway

Perfects credit management services

Lowell Norway, formerly known as Intrum Justitia Norway, is a leading credit management provider. Their unparalleled combination of data analytics insight and robust risk management provides clients with expert solutions in debt purchasing, third-party collections and business process outsourcing. With their ethical approach to debt management, Lowell always looks for the most appropriate, sustainable and fair outcome for each customer’s specific circumstances.

Dealing with around 2.5 million interactions annually—including 500,000 inbound and outbound calls, 500,000 emails, and more than 1 million letters—the company’s Oslo contact centre smooths the credit management process. Agents primarily handle inquiries from the clients’ end customer relating to invoices, reminders, payment demands and collections.

Service expectations are high and ever-rising. “Our customers are very demanding and expect amazing service, great results and cashflow improvements,” said Lene Strengelsrud, Head of Communication Center for Lowell Norway. “Unless they get this every time, they could cancel their contracts and go elsewhere.”


  • 94% and higher average response rates
  • 35% increase in automatic identification on first contact
  • 25% reduction in average handle time
  • 90% or higher first call resolution
  • 20% boost in agent productivity

The Genesys customers we spoke with said it was the best decision they had made. After a short time using the Genesys Cloud CX platform, we can see why.

Carl-Petter Udvang, Product Manager at Lowell Norway


  • Unreliable contact centre platform
  • Inability to integrate people, tools, processes, and data
  • Complex, lengthy upgrades with no clear omnichannel roadmap

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