Singapore Airlines

Personalising the online travel experience

Singapore Airlines (SIA) knows that maintaining a strong reputation means not only being the best in service excellence but also providing travellers with personalised and omnichannel experiences. Its ambition is to be the world’s leading digital airline. However, in the past, a mix of technologies used by the airline’s various contact centres around the world hindered this vision was hindered and made it difficult for teams to collaborate.

To transform operations and deliver a more harmonised customer experience, SIA adopted the Genesys™ solution. By blending call, email and webchat functions, the omnichannel solution enabled the airline to offer enhanced inbound and outbound engagement, thereby growing brand loyalty and improving customer satisfaction. The system has also allowed SIA to unify all customer-facing teams — from marketing and sales to service and support — on one system, and quickly integrate new applications and services when needed.

One innovation at SIA is Kris, a Google-based chatbot that can be accessed via Facebook Messenger. Kris works hand-in-hand with the Genesys solution and forwards more-complex inquiries to a human agent. Then, the human agent can immediately take over the conversation and provide a quick answer. The highly efficient virtual concierge answers over 85,000 questions weekly and is also available on the company’s website.


  • More personalised service and improved brand loyalty
  • Increased agent efficiency and collaboration
  • Real-time reporting and resource matching
  • Increased number of queries resolved through effective use of channels like live chat

Our customers come from all walks of life. Our customer contact service operations must be geared up to serve all of their needs. These types of services and functionalities are really only possible if we have the right technology platform.

Marvin Tan, Senior VP, Customer Services and Operations, Singapore Airlines

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  • Unify contact centre operations
  • Differentiate customer experience
  • Accelerate innovation