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Finds a remedy for IVR growing pains

AstraZeneca is a global, innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business with more than billion in revenue and 61,000 employees in over 100 countries.

Intense government regulations of pharmaceutical companies results in a high volume of changes to marketing programs. For AstraZeneca, a complex tangle of IVR systems, grown over time and managed by multiple vendors across multiple brands meant even minor changes were cost-prohibitive and could take as long as eight weeks. It also left the company without a holistic view of multiple programs across its six different brands.

Genesys replaced complex, disparate, and costly IVR applications with an enterprise, self-service voice solution in the cloud. The Genesys on-demand model supports immediate scalability without the costs of traditional IVR, while dramatically reducing the costs associated with hardware, software, maintenance and staffing.

In approximately two years, the company’s containment rate increased from 40% to 80%. Now that data is coming through one system, brands can share best practices, and it’s possible to gain a holistic view of programs. Changes are no longer held up by an offsite vendor–changes that used to take four to eight weeks now happen in real time.


  • Increased call containment
  • Saved millions of dollars per brand, per year
  • Gained holistic view across programs, brands and voice applications


  • Streamline numerous, disparate IVRs from multiple vendors
  • Reduce cost and time to make frequent changes required by industry regulation

We were saving a minimal amount a couple of years ago. Now we’re well into a million dollars of annual savings per brand.

John DiBrango, Channel Management and Governance Director