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Broadband leader adopts innovative multichannel strategy

Serving close to two million residential and enterprise customers, leading Italian service provider FASTWEB had to be able to offer a mix of different communication channels. Also, contact centres agents needed easy access to all previous interaction details, regardless of the previously-used channel, to offer its customers the best possible experience.

Every day the company handles 80,000 interactions with current and prospective customers, using a mix of in-house and outsourced contact centres. Genesys services insure not a single piece of information is lost.

Now, Genesys Contact Centre Modernisation means in-house and outsourced agents only need a PC equipped with a softphone client, instead of bulky desk phones, and can operate and be managed as a single coherent entity.


  • Call centre agents have full history of customer interaction regardless of media
  • 20 percent lower cost per seat with 30 percent improvement in system availability
  • Freedom to design new customer interaction processes through channel innovation
  • Greater agent transparency offers outsourcing supplier independence


  • Meet customer demand for multiple communication channels
  • Enhance flexibility of in-house and outsourced contact centres
  • Improve customer service

The fact that outsourced agent activities are integrated with those of in-house agents gives us greater flexibility and control.

Guido Roda, Head of Information Technology, FASTWEB