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Bringing everyone together for a consistent customer experience

Achmea, a European insurance group, has experienced impressive growth over a number of years through various acquisitions, and with it came an internal IT challenge: bring different contact centres together to deliver a consistent, group-wide customer experience. The company also faced significant costs to manage all these different systems, and needed to reduce total cost of ownership.

By implementing the Genesys App Automation Platform, Achmea removed all the other IVR systems and implemented a single, standardised platform. With access to pre-built applications, non-technical people launched new applications faster, considerably speeding up projects.


  • Fast migration and ROI
  • Standardisation of customer experience
  • Business users able to manage IVR without requiring technical resources


  • Different IVR systems providing an inconsistent customer experience
  • High cost of ownership

The Genesys SpeechStorm Framework IVR offered the business functionality with as little need for IT involvement as possible. The platform also easily supported our desire to standardize all our existing IVR building blocks.

Bert Boesveld, Architect CC Infra