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Fast tracking
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ConTe.it moved 150 insurance advisors to home working in just two days with the Genesys Cloud™ platform. The move also enabled advisors to switch effortlessly between inbound and outbound calls, improving job variety and response time. And, because it improved the use of resources, the car insurance provider is on track to save €150,000 while giving customers faster service and better issue resolution.

150 employees set up to work from home in just two days

4% increase in resource use

€150,000 in savings anticipated

5% improvement in response times

Simple integration with Guidewire insurance platform

Ability to quickly turn on new channels and features

Our inbound and outbound teams enjoy greater job variety and feel more engaged. Bringing them together yielded a 4% improvement in resource utilisation, which could save as much as €150,000.

Francesco Del Gallo

Product Manager


Siloed systems hindered agility

ConTe.it is the Italian brand of Admiral Group, the leading car insurer with over 11,000 people and 7 million customers in the UK, Spain, France and the US. In a fiercely competitive market, the company combines highly competitive insurance products with top-quality customer service.

Previously, operations ran on separate on-premises contact centre systems from Cisco, VICIdial and Asterisk. With the Cisco solution approaching end-of-support, ConTe.it needed a more agile and blended approach.

“We had all the drawbacks of siloed technology and work practices, and little scope for integrating systems and inbound and outbound teams,” said Francesco Del Gallo, Product Manager for ConTe.it. “We knew our customers were looking to engage through new channels, like chat and social media. So, it was important to get a unified solution with a proven omnichannel roadmap.”

A move to home working in two days

Having considered various offers, ConTe.it opted for the Genesys Cloud platform. The project quickly shifted to top of its priority list with Italy locking down after an early COVID-19 spike.

“We got the green light and moved smoothly to full home working in just two days,” said Del Gallo. “It was comparatively easy to integrate our Guidewire insurance platform with Genesys Cloud.”

The integration ensures that advisors always have instant access to the latest customer data so they can work much more productively when dealing with queries, creating new policies and processing claims.

Quick hit with advisors and customers

ConTe.it has seen excellent results within a few months. Now, around 150 advisors effortlessly switch between inbound and outbound calls, a perfectly blended workflow that wasn’t possible with legacy systems.

“Our inbound and outbound teams enjoy greater job variety and feel more engaged,” said Del Gallo. “Bringing them together yielded a 4% improvement in resource utilisation, which could save as much as €150,000.”

Customers also notice the difference; they spend less time waiting to speak to an advisor, with an average 5% improvement in response time. And, when connected, they’re served faster with most issues resolved the first time.

Partners in innovation

ConTe.it is still to realise the full value of Genesys Cloud. The solution’s open APIs, smart AppFoundry partner tools, and embedded workforce management and automation capabilities will be key enablers as the company accelerates digital plans. Future additions include chat and social channels, initially Facebook and WhatsApp. Meanwhile, the company is considering Genesys Predictive Engagement to assist website shoppers and increase basket completion rates.

“Our vision is to be known as the best insurance company for customer experience,” concluded Antonio Bagetta, CEO for ConTe.it. “We believe Genesys has the most complete cloud contact centre offer and we look forward to our mutual collaboration as partners in innovation.”


  • Improve inbound and outbound performance
  • Accelerate omnichannel and digital vision
  • Eliminate siloed legacy systems