Matching hot leads with top performers

Swapping out siloed systems for the flexibility and efficiency of the Genesys Cloud™ platform, Field Management Ireland (FMI) set a new standard in digital-driven consumer insights with omnichannel campaign management. Implemented in just two days, FMI moved all employees to home working while keeping service levels up and absenteeism low. The switch to Genesys Cloud also increased conversion rates by 10% and saved client reporting time by 90%.

2 days for go-live

100% of staff transferred to home working

98.3% customer satisfaction

Lowest abesenteeism among peers

10% increase in sales conversion rates

Up to 90% time saving per client report

Our clients benefit too because we’re able to uncover and harvest way more data and really understand what makes their target customers tick.

— Rosemary Wynne, Digital Marketing Director, Field Management Ireland

Staying ahead through innovation

Digital marketing and sales continue to reshape the contact centre industry as companies large and small look to accelerate new business. Field Management Ireland (FMI) is leading the charge. From its Dublin headquarters and Belfast office, the company delivers award-winning campaigns along with merchandising, demos, mystery shopping, retail audits and other services.

As a recruitment specialist, FMI can rapidly deploy over 850 staff on a weekly basis, which is one of its major strengths. In today’s digital-first world, properly carrying out lead generation and customer acquisition means constantly pushing the boundaries.

“To stay ahead we decided to invest and update our contact centre technology,” said Rosemary Wynne, Digital Marketing Director at FMI. “That meant swapping siloed systems, teams and work practices for smarter data-driven insights and omnichannel campaigns — with everything managed in the cloud for greater flexibility and efficiency.”

Better data, teamwork and job satisfaction

After consulting with trusted partner and contact centre specialist eleven, FMI chose the Genesys Cloud platform and were up and running within two days. “Genesys Cloud is simple to use and was expertly implemented by eleven,” added Wynne. “Our clients benefit too, because we’re able to uncover and harvest way more data and really understand what makes their target customers tick.”

Three months after going live, FMI quickly came to terms with the COVID-19 crisis. “We were a lot more fortunate than many competitors and adapted to home working pretty easily,” said Majella Flynn, Operations Manager for FMI. “It helped that we’d removed the old walls between inbound and outbound communications. Plus, our staff tend to be digital natives in their 20s. So, keeping in touch through Genesys Chat is second nature. Now, they multitask between channels, freely sharing knowledge and expertise.”

In addition to improving efficiency, the blended campaign management approach keeps staff engaged through greater work variety and job satisfaction. And it’s paying off. FMI has one of the lowest absenteeism rates among its peers. “We’ve only had one person go sick in the last three months,” noted Flynn.

At the moment, enabling people to trade and bid for shifts, topping up their pay and fitting work around family stuff is incredibly important.

— Majella Flynn, Operations Manager, Field Management Ireland

Harnessing the power of people

FMI also introduced Genesys Workforce Engagement Management and now can better handle demand spikes. It forecasts and schedules resources accurately based on real-time information, ensuring the right agents, with the right skills, are always in the right place, at the right time.

With most staff trained for multiple roles, this arrangement operates as a two-way street. “We take employee well-being seriously,” said Flynn. “Prior to lockdown, the company paid for a personal trainer for four days a week. At the moment, enabling people to trade and bid for shifts, topping up their pay and fitting work around family stuff is incredibly important.”

Improving the customer experience

FMI clients have noticed the change. Now they can access their data directly, reducing time and effort. Reports automatically land in their inboxes, removing manual processes that used to take up to 90 minutes per client.

And service levels have held up well, thanks to a seamless switch to home working. Customer satisfaction averaged 98.3% over the first three months. All leads are 100% qualified and passed to the agent who is best placed to close each specific opportunity. Since moving to the Genesys Cloud platform, FMI has seen a 10% improvement in conversion rates.

Small tweaks, like spotting and solving problems immediately also make a difference. “Now, our managers and supervisors don’t miss a thing,” concluded Wynne. “In one case, we fixed a 10% abandonment rate for a client simply by reducing an overly long IVR menu by 40 seconds. That’s all it took to transform their sales conversions.”

Innovation never rests at FMI. The company is considering Genesys Predictive Engagement as part of its value proposition, leveraging artificial intelligence and analytics to uncover behaviors and interests of visitors to their clients’ websites. Then they can offer the visitors tailored deals through webchat.

At a glance

Industry: Business process outsourcer

Location: Ireland

Company size: Approximately 110 agents


  • Cement leadership in digital sales and marketing
  • Get smarter data-driven insights and omnichannel capabilities
  • Manage everything in the cloud for greater flexibility and efficiency