Leto Bank

Realising new branch integration and cloud efficiencies

Leto Bank wanted to improve loan request checks without significant cost increases. Working with Genesys, they devised an innovative strategy to raise the quality of underwriting and utilise branch office human resources more efficiently.

The flexible, cloud-based solution means the bank pays per user and is able to quickly scale. The contact centre platform enables branch workers to make calls via their desktop browser. They can quickly mine and analyse data, improving tellers’ working processes and increasing their effectiveness.

As a result, the bank can verify and process loan requests more efficiently. And, it’s much easier to spot forged information and to screen applications.


  • Better workload sharing and utilisation of branch workers
  • 20% decrease in credit portfolio risk costs
  • Bucked market recession with minimal impact to loan rates


  • Improve loan request approvals without significant cost increases

Using our Genesys platform to make better use of staff and their different skill sets has contributed to a 20% reduction in risk overall.

Sergei Chikov, CIO, Leto Bank