Credit Bank of Moscow

Happier customers and higher agent productivity

Credit Bank of Moscow sought a way to boost contact centre performance and customer service. New tools to drive efficiency, increase sales and improve the debt collection process were also required.

Moving to a new Genesys platform enabled the bank to automate almost all their outbound campaign activities. The system filters out any busy and unavailable phone numbers. And agents no longer need to dial.

Thanks to a more effective reporting system, supervisors can customise their own settings without calling IT. And the bank is able to process data on a different scale, adding as much as 30% to sales efficiency.


  • 30% increase in sales efficiency and debt recovery
  • 900% boost in total monthly incoming and outgoing interactions
  • 8% decrease in dropped call rates
  • Nearly half the number of customer complaints due to long waiting times


  • Create a modern and highly accessible contact centre
  • Improve agent efficiency and enhance quality of inbound voice channel customer support
  • Introduce outbound campaign management tools for telemarketing and debt recovery

Our call handling efficiency skyrocketed by 900%. We’re now processing more than 180,000 incoming interactions monthly, while our agent headcount grew by only 25%.

Natalya Denisova, Contact Centre Director, Credit Bank of Moscow