Improving the customer experience and boosting profits

Carglass® delivers major service improvements while proving it’s always there for customers. By migrating from an aging on-premises system to the Genesys Cloud platform, Carglass® has seen fewer abandoned calls and a reduction in average handle time. Increased agent efficiency, as well as smarter IVR, routing and skills-matching, has enabled the company to raise service levels.

New call queues created within a few hours, compared to 2-3 weeks

3.6% fewer abandoned calls

8.5-second reduction in average handle time

1.5% improvement in time-to-revenue

Fully loaded experience centre roadmap

We wanted to transform from a cost centre to an experience centre as a key driver for profitable growth.

— Brice-Willys Tebiro, Innovation and Improvement Manager, Carglass Germany

Clearing legacy apps and systems

Headquartered in Cologne with more than 345 sites and 240 mobile units across the country, Carglass® Germany specialises in vehicle glass repair and replacement. A central contact centre is at the heart of the business, supporting more than 50 languages and handling 1.2 million calls, 50,000 emails, 4,000 chat messages and 3,000 outbound contacts a year.

Rather than continuing to invest heavily in limited, on-premises products, Carglass® decided to move to the Genesys CloudTM solution.

“We wanted to transform from a cost centre to an experience centre as a key driver for profitable growth,” said Brice-Willys Tebiro, Innovation and Improvement Manager at Carglass®. “That meant clearing away a jungle of legacy apps and systems. That way, our advisors wouldn’t have to keep screen-jumping, closing down pop-up windows or asking customers to repeat information. We also needed better clarity around reporting and customer journeys.”

Immediate service and balance sheet gains

Now 160 advisors work with maximum efficiency, taking calls and booking appointments, or handling requests from large insurance companies and fleet agency contracts. In addition, Carglass® has seen a sizeable reduction in what it refers to as “red calls,” repeat contacts from customers seeking general information or checking on orders.

“Now, with Genesys Cloud, we usually know why the customer is calling and connect them faster to the agent with the best skills,” added Tebiro. “That varies between appointment scheduling for straightforward chip repairs to more complex requests to look up specific vehicle models and arrange correct fitting and windscreen replacement.”

Smarter IVR, routing and skills-matching has enabled Carglass® to raise service levels. This has resulted in 3.6% fewer abandoned calls and an 8.5-second reduction in average handle time. Between these and other gains, the move to the Genesys Cloud solution has contributed to a 1.5% improvement in conversion rates — the efficiency from first contact to receipt of payment. For a high-volume business like Carglass®, that represents a significant financial gain.

Always there for employees

The IT-friendly nature of the Genesys Cloud platform has allowed Carglass® to be there for essential workers, delivery drivers and those who can’t work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Even in an unprecedented pandemic situation like now, windscreens and other vehicle glass parts get damaged,” said Tebiro. “So, customer service had to be solid and technology has to enable flexibility. Within two to three hours, we created new call queues and IVR messages in Genesys Cloud, compared to two to three weeks with our old solution. And our Net Promoter Score has remained consistently strong throughout.”

Freedom to innovate

Because the Genesys Cloud solution is built with open APIs, it fits well within the Carglass® experience centre vision, which is assisted by pre-built integrations and applications. It also allows for a thriving developer community to offer tips and advice.

Carglass® intends to add chat next, followed by email, SMS, social media and outbound dialing — all managed from a single omnichannel desktop. And now, artificial intelligence is firmly in range, allowing customers to self-serve using virtual assistants for frequently asked questions and basic tasks like fixing appointments.

“The changeover went very well, and we now have the right foundations to push on and build our experience centre,” concluded Tebiro. “I’ve also been impressed with how responsiveness the Genesys teams are and how they helped the project run smoothly.”


  • Shift from cost centre to experience centre
  • Improve service and ability to innovate