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Building a user-friendly digital front door

BARMER provides insurance for more than 9 million customers and has a total budget of 39.2 billion euros, making it one of the top companies in the German health insurance market. Despite its size, one of the insurer’s key aims has always been to provide as personalised a service as possible. In order to achieve this goal, the company operates approximately 400 branches across Germany and invests heavily in progressive digital solutions that benefit the company, employees and customers alike. One of these is a “teledoctor” app that allows insurants to consult a physician from their smartphone and receive medical advice wherever they are, via a 24-hour telephone hotline or an online consultation.

Maintaining such close contact with its customers required BARMER to employ enough staff to be available throughout Germany, at any time of day, 365 days a year, free of charge. BARMER invested a great deal in this service, to ensure that calls are taken by social insurance professionals and queries are answered immediately.


  • Resolved 80% of queries through AI voice response system
  • 10-second reduction in AHT
  • Reduced wait time for customers
  • Improved personalised service to customers

The solution delivered everything we had expected. The solution is anything but average; a great deal of attention to detail was incorporated right from the initial planning stage. This starts when the system recognises and categorises the caller’s query or problem from his or her very first word.

Jörg Kaiser, Head of Call Centres, BARMER


  • Fully automate calls and increase customer service agents’ time
  • Improve personalised service
  • Lack of efficiency and freedom to dedicate the right amount of time to personal interaction with clients


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