Optimizing contact centre efficiency and agility

As the Russian market leader in outsourced contact centre solutions, TelecomExpress handles over 100,000 calls every day. And its clients, leading Russian and international brands, expect the very best customer service.

Previously work allocation was based on historic sales and the time agents were judged to spend on the phone. This made it difficult to measure against productivity targets, such as agent utilization rates. Managers also found it hard to plan and assign resources for future projects.

Genesys Workforce Management provided a more automated, facts-based approach.  The solution, which includes training in how to predict workloads and compile work schedules, means the business can grow while keeping firm control of headcount and costs. And it’s improved forecasting and agent performance and work life balance.


  • Forecasting is much simpler and more accurate
  • Daily operations are easier to manage
  • Agents are kept busy for over 80 percent of their working time
  • Able to grow with less headcount and expense

We now have much greater insight into agent utilization. Using real-time data we can see whether increased customer demand can be absorbed by existing agents, rather than adding unnecessary headcount and expense.

Vyacheslav Beketov, Chief Operating Officer, TelecomExpress