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This is your all-in-one access point for delivering a better customer experience. Browse the library of product-specific information and discussions on the public site, or log in with your single sign-on credentials for a full, personalised experience. All designated Genesys customer and partner contacts can log in.

Cloud Product Login

The Genesys Cloud Product Login portal enables you to log in to any of the Genesys Cloud products: CX Builder, EchoSystem Manager, Engage: Account Manager, Engage: Enterprise Manager, Insight, Mobile Messaging Manager, Mobile Site Builder, and Social Analytics.

Genesys IVR Personalisation Platform (formerly SpeechStorm)

The Genesys IVR Personalisation Platform enables you to quickly and easily create and deploy IVR applications using pre-built modules, and continuously improve your application(s) through actionable analytics.

SpeechStorm Partner Portal

Genesys acquired SpeechStorm in late 2015, and until we can merge our partner programmes fully, SpeechStorm partners can continue to log in to the SpeechStorm portal here.

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