Taking customer experience to new levels by differentiating
service through digital, mobile and social

Vodafone GmbH knew they needed to enhance their customer service. Previously communication channels were operated in silos which caused customer frustration, but with the help of Genesys solutions, people and technology were brought together into one virtual contact centre. Now, customers get served 30 seconds faster, agents can see all of a customer’s previous contact history at a glance and it all contributes to a NPS turnaround.

One recent addition is the Vodafone mobile app (powered by Genesys Digital Engagement Centre) which gives customers the option of a click-to-call button or chat request. When the agent accepts the call or invitation, in split-seconds their desktop displays the customer’s activity across all channels.

This seamless mobile experience continues with social media, enabling Vodafone to track and intercept customer comments on platforms like Facebook and Twitter. NPS is once again very positive with a score of between 50 and 60.

In addition, Vodafone has always had strong links with the community. Read in this story how Vodafone was able to facilitate a huge national fundraising effort via the Vodafone mobile app (powered by Genesys)


  • 18 million monthly cross-channel contacts now handled by one department
  • 86% of customers routed to the best agent within seconds, irrespective of channel
  • 10-second-per-interaction decrease in average hold time
  • 50% reduction in IVR handle time


  • Unify interactions across all customer touch points
  • Differentiate through superior customer experience

This is the best contact centre I could have imagined. We’ve been ranked the number one Vodafone contact centre worldwide. And with the new innovative channels we’ve developed, we know there’s a lot more to come.

Jörg Knoop, Head of Contact Centre and Telesales Capability, Vodafone Germany

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