Bank Hapoalim

Improves workload management and customer satisfaction

Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s largest bank, with over 260 branches. But with growth, the bank’s traditional methods of handling customer work had become inefficient. As branches tried to process operational work, such as processing deposits and overdraft reviews, and meet the needs of customers visiting the branch, it became difficult to assign the appropriately skilled employees to achieve sales and customer experience targets.

The bank created a new group which pulled operational and risk management activities from the branches into Back Office Centres. The Back Office Operations department needed a solution that could help them accurately know what hundreds of employees were doing and allowed them to define and manage strategies for dynamically allocating people to individual tasks.

Today, Genesys Workload Management gathers all customer work items from all the branches into a single global task list of for routing to the operations centre. Genesys prioritises the tasks by SLA and business rules, and automatically routes them to the employees with the skills required to handle the task.

With Genesys Workload Management, Bank Hapoalim has improved productivity by nearly 50% and reduced the time taken to complete key tasks by 40% for over 100,000 business tasks daily. The bank has overcome its former processing challenges while ensuring the integrity of all data, tasks and transactions.


  • Enhanced customer service delivery through streamlined, efficient execution of work tasks
  • Revolutionised the way many complex transactions are now handled
  • Reduced required worker count from 1,000 to less than 600 people
  • 40% reduction in time taken to complete key tasks
  • Automatic assignment of tasks to full labor pool, based on skills and availability, creates huge man-hour savings
  • Realised workforce efficiencies and cost reductions
  • Eliminated processing errors and delays
  • Improved overall risk management


  • Streamline branch and operation centre activities
  • Improve efficiencies and reduce costs associated with processing customer transactions
  • Leverage the benefits of a large resource pool
  • Create mechanism to manage employee assignments in a flexible, dynamic way
  • Obtain visibility into where workforce is spending time and ensure it is aligned with current priorities

Because Genesys Enterprise Workload Management enables us to eliminate errors and delays by automatically assigning tasks to exactly the right person based on their expertise, the consistency, accuracy, and quality of our work has been greatly improved, and has created a lot of savings in terms of man-hours.

Gideon Makleff, Executive Vice President of Back Office Operations, Bank Hapoalim