Building loyal relationships that drive business growth

With 1.4 million active cards, Swisscard offer consumer and corporate users the largest choice of credit card products on the Swiss market. The company knows that getting insight into customer journeys is the best way of driving long-lasting relationships and growth.

Powered by a full suite of Genesys solutions, Swisscard delivers efficient 24-hour customer service with a high level of personalisation. Virtualisation gives staff a better work-life balance with the option to work from home, making it easier to attract and retain talent.

To accelerate their contact centre transformation and make the transition less risky, Swisscard enlisted the services of Genesys Business Consulting. Now, inbound and outbound activities are blended and service teams no longer have to switch between screens. All tasks and interactions are gathered into a single queue, continually reprioritised and automatically pushed to the correct experts.


  • NPS increase by 32%
  • 9% productivity gain
  • 70% reduction of turnaround time processing customer requests
  • Blended agents reduce back-office dependency
  • 99% automation of payments


  • Create sustainable differentiation in a mature market
  • Improve service quality and satisfaction among customers and agents

Genesys consultants helped identify opportunities by sharing best practice examples and putting together a high-level plan with realistic next steps.

Michael Marek, Head of Operations, Swisscard