Speeding into the future of digital service with SIP

telegate AG is Germany’s second-largest provider of regional advertising and telephone directory assistance. With their online business directories and, smartphone and iPad apps, and software products from klickTel, telegate consumers receive personal contact data, business information and news from around the region.

To stay ahead of the competition the company replaced their old business IT engine from traditional, TDM  infrastructure to a combined Ericsson IMS and Genesys SIP-based contact centre infrastructure. Built on a state-of-the-art SIP protocol, IMS is capable of connecting traditional cellular (GSM,UMTS), analog and digital (ISDN) telephone networks with IP-based networks that use VoIP.

These technology advances are providing a host of new opportunities. Many service providers have implemented the SIP architecture, which is now the industry standard, since it is much easier to create new products, processes, and invoicing models.

Companies using the Genesys solution running on Ericsson IMS are now able to implement cutting edge multichannel and omnichannel concepts for connecting customer service apps, video or Web-based chats. Compared to traditional TDM solutions, there is no limit to the kinds of routing that can be implemented. Cloud-based contact centres are also possible, so agents are not tied down to a specific workplace.


  • Cost efficiencies
  • Ability to provide multichannel and omnichannel concepts for connecting customer service apps, video and web-based chats
  • Unlimited routing capability
  • Agent location flexibility due to cloud-based contact centres


  • Transform its “analog” business model in the age of digital customer service

We’re one of the first companies to make such a major change with an IMS and SIP integration. Thanks to the support by Genesys Professional Services and the great collaboration between the two companies, we were able to implement this new system very smoothly.

Michael Geiger, Vice President Technology, telegate AG What are you looking for?