Increases first contact resolution through
smarter forecasting and scheduling

DNB is the largest financial services group in Norway. It wanted to deliver seamless customer service across all of its retail banking channels and so increase first contact resolution.

DNB recognised that no agent can have all the skills required so they decided to train agents to become experts in specific areas. DNB identified over 200 different competencies and skills involved in resolving customer inquiries. The challenge, then, was to ensure that they had the right mix of agents with the rights skills and competencies to resolve customer inquiries the first time.

DNB uses Genesys Workforce Management (WFM) tools to help forecast demand and schedule agents’ time. These WFM tools are fully integrated with the routing and other contact centre systems. As a result, DNB generates extremely accurate forecasts of demand.

“Perhaps the most important thing that I have learnt from my experience,” said Grethe Smith-Meyer, Human Resources Manager,“ is the value of having a fully integrated forecasting and scheduling tool. When you can see the whole value chain, you get much greater insight into the way that the contact centre performs and can make much more accurate forecasts.”


  • Seamless customer service across all channels
  • Accurate forecasting and scheduling reduces costs
  • Agent expertise increases first contact resolution
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction scores


  • Deliver seamless customer service across all channels
  • Accurately forecast demand across 200 different skills and competencies
  • Schedule agents to meet demand with maximum efficiency
  • Ensure ‘fair’ scheduling across hundreds of agents


By using AI, we can automate the manual tasks and use people elsewhere to create value for the company.

Anders Braten, Technical Operations & Customer Solutions, DNB

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