Better experiences and ROI with composable CX

Company Nurse leads with technology using the Genesys Cloud™ platform. Leveraging its all-in-one capabilities and API integrations, Company Nurse has gained a competitive advantage — enhancing its customer experience, improving efficiency and realising a 269% ROI with a 4.8-month payback.

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269% ROI

with 4.8 month payback

20% increase

in call volume without adding agents

11-13% decrease

in average handle time

$50,000 saved

annually with reduced overflow calls

21% decrease

in agent idle time

10-point rise

in adherence levels, from low 80s to mid-90s

Ninety percent of our current business is inbound, and we cannot do it without Genesys. We are technology leaders in our industry, thanks to new capabilities gained through Genesys Cloud.

— Henry Svendblad, CTO, Company Nurse

Going beyond the phone to serve customers

Company Nurse is an ally in workplace injury management, helping companies navigate the complicated and time-consuming process of completing incident reports and responding to information requests. It has registered nurses available 24/7 to triage workplace injuries and get workers’ compensation claims off to an ideal start. With one call, injured workers get the care they need, without delay.

One challenge Company Nurse faced was maintaining high engagement with a rapidly changing workforce. With more millennials and Generation Z workers entering the workplace, and organisations becoming more distributed, Company Nurse needed to ensure that injured workers could connect via multiple channels. When that doesn’t happen, workers don’t get the care they need, and the company’s productivity suffers. And, for Company Nurse, that means missed revenue opportunities. The company knew it needed to innovate its contact centre with an omnichannel approach.

“We had to go where the customers are going, which is beyond the phone channel,” said Henry Svendblad, CTO at Company Nurse. “By using Genesys Cloud to expand the number of ways to contact Company Nurse — phone, text, chat and beyond — we could improve the likelihood that an injured employee would contact us and increase our ability to capture workplace injuries.”

The path to the cloud

With its previous Mitel system, Company Nurse couldn’t provide an omnichannel experience. The legacy on-premises system was expensive to maintain and manage; getting users set up with IP phones was cumbersome. And metrics were an issue.

Company Nurse had no real-time visibility into contact centre operations and no effective way to organise its data into configurable reports and measurable KPIs.

As Company Nurse evaluated solutions, Genesys Cloud rose to the top with everything from innovative digital and workforce engagement management (WEM) services to open public APIs to a marketplace for third-party integrations. The cloud-based, omnichannel contact centre product offered an exceptional user experience, reduced maintenance and combined all the features Company Nurse wanted in one product — an easy-to-manage WebRTC front end, an Amazon Web Services backend that enabled HIPAA compliance, real-time reporting, and unified communications and collaboration.

“Built-in omnichannel and workforce engagement capabilities, plus an open API architecture for simple integration and development opened up possibilities we couldn’t get with another vendor, but what set Genesys Cloud apart was the configuration and orchestration across these components, creating an effortless experience for everyone,” said Svendblad.

Innovating with Contact Centre as a Service

Company Nurse implemented Genesys Cloud for phone and email in a matter of weeks. It’s taking a phased approach to adding more channels like SMS, social media and web chat (including click-to-dial functionality), along with proactive contact functions like outbound dialing and push notifications.

Genesys Cloud fits well with the innovative service model at Company Nurse; the company employs atypical agents who reside outside the traditional contact centre operations. Its Injury Care Coordinators (ICCs) take the first report of injury. Calls then are transferred to a licensed nurse who handles triage, helping injured workers minimise pain and determine the necessary level of care: self-care, non-emergency or an ER visit.

“Genesys Cloud is a beautiful, reliable tool that creates a positive experience for both our agents and our customers,” said Svendblad. “There aren’t too many instances where you can have a positive impact on every stakeholder in the process. With Genesys Cloud, we do.”

The cloud-based solution ensures injured employees quickly get to the point of care with a valued service that shows compassion for their injuries. Companies can also keep insurance rates in check by only filing necessary claims. And managers and HR teams don’t have to deal with mountains of paperwork.

Simple, seamless integration delivers competitive advantage

With a composable all-in-one product, Company Nurse was able to direct development resources to higher-impact projects. Extensibility capabilities of Genesys Cloud made it easy for the company to quickly integrate with other cloud-based applications.

Within the first month, its development team built an integration to link a Genesys Cloud interaction directly to the incident record in the triage system, Enspiri, using the platform’s open APIs. The integration not only improves agent productivity, but it also supports robust reporting — streamlining its ability to immediately distribute reports to the right stakeholders, from internal HR and risk departments to third-party lawyers and insurance companies.

Company Nurse leveraged APIs to build a self-service risk management app to capture injury data in the field. A worker can start the injury-reporting process through their mobile device and then immediately engage the contact centre. All of this significantly improves the worker experience and expedites the intake process.

“Genesys Cloud is a building block,” said Svendblad. “It’s one of the foundations that our services are built on.”

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Company Nurse used the Genesys Cloud platform to develop Lintelio, an innovative digital screening and triage guidance solution. Lintelio has evolved into a new business venture that allows organisations to proactively manage the health and safety of their employees. In less than a year, it has added 33,000 active users and is completing 100,000 weekly health transactions for over 100 organisations across 700 locations.

Company Nurse uses third-party integration options, such as Brightmetrics, via the AppFoundry® Marketplace. Brightmetrics analytics and data visualisations have helped Company Nurse seamlessly create dashboards and reports to support the entire team. The wide visibility to Company Nurse teams and its customers, through these published customised dashboards, reinforces its value for transparency.

The company also uses open APIs to perform intake and triage via chat (SMS) and web chat. Allowing a worker to begin a text conversation with an agent will increase injury capture, facilitate employee validation and continue to support an efficient intake process.

“We are technology leaders in our industry, thanks to the composability of Genesys Cloud,” said Svendblad. “Our contact centre technology allows us to differentiate faster and adapt to change easier — spinning up innovative capabilities to help sell to new customers and better serve existing customers.”

Real-time KPIs improve quality, workforce management

The previous system at Company Nurse had limited insight into the KPIs that drove its business. With Brightmetrics, real-time data and automated reports give teams proactive opportunities to self-manage, improve and tweak settings that affect customer service. A team can adjust real-time alerts for abandoned calls or optimise the amount of time before a call gets handed off to overflow. This enables the team to capture a larger percentage of calls without affecting service levels.

According to Svendblad, day-to-day improvements like these have made it easier and more rewarding for managers and teams alike.

Company Nurse also uses Brightmetrics real-time analytics to actively monitor and improve the performance of two production queues where agents handle more than 500 interactions a day. A Brightmetrics Agent Report Card scores agents on quality and efficiency KPIs.

Real-time adherence, intraday monitoring, built-in artificial intelligence-powered forecasting and auto-generation of schedules are delivered through native Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management functionality and Brightmetrics. When it comes to building and managing a balanced scorecard, what had taken several hours a week of manual work in an Excel spreadsheet is now automated.

The user experience with Brightmetrics is the clincher. When we show employees the tool, they just pick it up and start dragging and dropping fields and scheduling reports. That makes me smile.

— Henry Svendblad, CTO, Company Nurse

The company uses the Genesys Cloud solution to find balance, ensuring more efficient staff allocation. According to Svendblad, the Brightmetrics balanced scorecard has been the catalyst for agent efficiencies by reducing the AHT. ICC agents have reduced handle times by 11%. And RN agents reduced handle times by 13%.

“Genesys Cloud Workforce Engagement Management is a significant step up in sophistication in how we not only schedule and forecast our volume, but also in how we hold our agents accountable in adhering to those schedules,” said Svendblad.

Lifting the IT burden

The Genesys Cloud solution also minimised complexity at Company Nurse, easing the burden on IT. The company deployed Genesys Cloud Communicate seats for business telephony, enabling them to leverage the product as an all-in-one application for both Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) for simplified IT management.

Company Nurse previously relied on a third party for nearly all system moves, adds and changes. Now most of the changes are handled in-house, saving thousands of dollars in additional expenses — resulting in a much better experience.

The Genesys Cloud Communicate solution also empowers the work-from-home model; all that’s needed is a decent web connection for the remote agent to make and take calls via a WebRTC-powered softphone.

“It just works — and it works well,” said Svendblad.

In the past, Company Nurse had more than 300 queues — one for every inbound phone number. Any small change had to be applied to every queue. In the Genesys Cloud platform, the company consolidated to two production queues: one for ICCs and one for nurses. This makes it easier to tweak settings to optimise the number of calls captured and monitor key metrics to ensure a positive outcome.

The commitment of the Genesys team also makes innovation possible. Company Nurse developed a custom interaction script that lets agents quickly transfer a call from one queue to another. After an ICC takes a call, the script pops up to allow the agent to select the appropriate state for that employer. With the click of a button, the agent can transfer the call to a nurse licensed in that state.

“We posed a challenge to Genesys that they met and exceeded,” said Svendblad. “They’re not just a vendor, but a partner who has helped us to execute our customer experience strategy far beyond the initial implementation phase.”

Reaching record call volume without adding staff

Since implementing Genesys Cloud, Company Nurse has seen record call volume — up 20% year over year. Initially, handling this increase with existing staff led to record revenue. By implementing callback queues, the company has also reduced the number of calls its third-party overflow partner handles, driving estimated savings of $50,000 per year. An independent study found that the overflow call savings, coupled with higher efficiency, has given Company Nurse a 269% ROI with a 4.8-month payback.

“Take one small thing like callback queues and that’s real savings,” said Svendblad. “What we’ve done with our contact centre is transformative in the industry and we’re just scratching the surface. I expect to see continued success around business growth, stakeholder satisfaction, efficiency and cost savings.”

At a glance

Customer: Company Nurse

Industry: Healthcare

Location: US

Company size: 50 agents


  • Deliver omnichannel experience for customers
  • Minimise IT complexity and cost
  • Gain real-time metrics to improve contact centre operations and grow the business
  • Simplify integration with third-party applications