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Company Nurse’s nurse triage and reporting helps companies navigate the complicated and time-consuming workplace injury process. Registered nurses are available 24/7/365 to triage workplace injuries when they occur. With one call, injured workers get the care they need, without delay.

One challenge Company Nurse faced was maintaining high engagement with a rapidly changing workforce. With more millennials and Generation Z workers entering the workplace, and with companies becoming more distributed, Company Nurse needed to ensure that injured workers could connect via multiple channels. When that doesn’t happen, workers don’t get the care they need, and the company’s productivity suffers. And, for Company Nurse, that means missed revenue opportunities. Seeking a competitive advantage amid a shifting workforce, Company Nurse knew it needed to innovate its contact centre with an omnichannel approach.

“We had to go where the customers are going, which is beyond the phone channel,” said Henry Svendblad, CTO, Company Nurse. “By using Genesys Cloud CX to expand the number of ways to contact Company Nurse — phone, text, chat and beyond — we could improve the likelihood that an injured employee would contact us and increase our ability to capture workplace injuries.”


  • 269% ROI with 4.8-month payback
  • 20% increase in call volume without adding agents
  • $50,000 saved per year with reduced overflow calls
  • 11-13% decrease in AHT
  • 21% decrease in agent idle time
  • 10-point rise in adherence levels, from low 80s to mid-90s

Ninety percent of our current business is inbound, and we cannot do it without Genesys. In the past, we lagged with technology, but now we’re leading with it, thanks to new capabilities gained through Genesys Cloud CX.

Henry Svendblad, CTO, Company Nurse


  • Deliver omnichannel experience for customers
  • Minimise IT complexity and cost
  • Gain insight into real-time metrics to improve contact center operations and grow the business
  • Improve data-driven decisions through analytics
  • Create automated scorecards to measure performance
  • Simplify integration with third-party applications

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