Give business users the ability to respond quickly to changing customer needs

Bpost needed to refresh its IVR to make it more consistent with the near-real-time needs of a contact centre facing millions of incident-driven calls.

The solution needed to be more flexible than their existing IVR. The old IVR required a technically complex, time consuming and costly change process for any update. The platform simply did not meet the new and ever-changing business demands. Plus, they needed the solution to be delivered fast.

Genesys App Automation Platform provided bpost with a whole new approach to the design and management of self-service applications. With rapid delivery, instant changes and unlimited flexibility, the new platform enabled the delivery of an individually-tailored experience on every call. This was achieved in 6 weeks and with 70% less effort than traditional development approaches.


  • Rapid response to changing business needs
  • Higher efficiency in call routing to best suit each individual customer’s needs
  • Business users manage IVR system without requiring technical resources
  • Implementation completed in six weeks


  • Improve call handling at branch level
  • Make customer interactions more efficient


  • Genesys Voice Platform
  • Genesys App Automation Platform

The apps enabled the rapid deployment of personalised, dynamic IVR with 70% less effort than traditional development approaches. Genesys has also given us a toolbox that allows us to react to changing market conditions and be proactive in making changes to the IVR.

Wim De Groeve Operations and Organisation Manager

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Live Assistance