Lifts back-office control to another level, improving productivity and service

Before, Mobily manually distributed Siebel service requests and lacked visibility into the workloads, capacity and average handle times. So it was difficult to prioritise work correctly. Agents would also cherry pick and complete the simplest tasks first, resulting in degrading service levels and customer experience.

With Enterprise Workload Management, Mobily back-office operations now run like clockwork. Incoming requests are prioritised automatically and routed to the best skilled agent. With performance stats at their fingertips, supervisors can reassign resources on the fly and have time to coach team members.

Mobily customers don’t wait for responses, and agents now multitask. The system alerts supervisors to any unresolved cases before they can jeopardise the SLAs. The end result is fairer and more transparent work allocation for employees, fewer complaints and higher-quality outcomes for customers.


  • Increased SLA achievement from 75% to 92%
  • 35% improvement in customer satisfaction
  • 10-month financial payback


  • Improve visibility into workloads and agent performance
  • Optimise work prioritisation and distribution

Satisfaction has rocketed from 40% to 75%. And we manage very differently now. We do everything in real-time and no longer have to make decisions based on yesterday’s data.

Sary Shukry, Head of Operation Development, Complaint Management, and Mobile Number Portability