Improves productivity while helping customers

The telco’s new mobile app, My Swisscom, does away with the drawbacks of traditional solutions, where customer service is often isolated from mobile apps. With such legacy systems, customers requiring support are forced to exit the mobile app and call a service centre at the number provided. That is when they usually get stuck in the IVR treadmill and are prompted to re-authenticate themselves. Or they have to navigate through complicated telephone menus until they finally reach a live customer service rep who will again ask them to restate their issue.

My Swisscom transcends this unfortunate media channel discontinuity of isolated mobile apps by cleverly integrating Genesys mobile engagement capabilities. It provides smartphone users with a graphic and highly intuitive drop-down menu to directly contact the appropriate agent. Instead of immediately being routed to the main Swisscom exchange, customers can now select the type of contact they need.

The new app provides the Swisscom contact centre with more up-front information about the customer issue than was possible with traditional landline calls. Numbers gleaned by Swisscom prove that its new self-service app is a rousing success.


  • Workload reduction
  • Improved call centre productivity
  • Customers both reach the menu and get help more quickly with graphical IVR


  • Integrate mobile apps with customer service and contact centre processes
  • Manage customer interactions
  • Improving customer’s service experience with innovative portfolio

Replacing traditional IVR with the new app’s graphic IVR is a major success. Customers now reach the menu faster and get help quicker. We’ve been able to boost the productivity of our contact centre without impacting service quality.

Vanna Breda, Head of Interaction Experience and Innovation Topics, Swisscom Group

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