Global contact centre transformation improves
agent and customer experience

Microsoft empowers people and organisations to achieve more through innovations such as Xbox, Windows, Azure and Office. Integral to success is a diverse partner ecosystem and an immense support organisation that handles over 73 million calls a year, in 37 languages, from anywhere across the globe.

Delivered from over 80 regional contact centres, those service operations ran on hundreds of local telephony (PBX, IVR and ACD) systems, along with various reporting and database servers. This complex on-premises model was costly and time-consuming to maintain. It also obscured information on staffing levels, waiting times, agent performance and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

“Our call centre operations needed to replace our legacy infrastructure with next-generation SaaS offerings that could drive standardisation, provide new capabilities and enhance integration for our support and sales activities,” said Matt Hayes, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft. “So, moving to a single cloud contact centre platform was a logical progression.”

Enriched by Microsoft applications such as Azure, Skype and Dynamics, the Genesys Multicloud CX™ solution is now helping Microsoft transform customer experience and productivity for more than 25,000 agents throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

As a result of this migration, 35 different phone systems and 214 separate IVR platforms have been decommissioned, reducing IT maintenance costs and simplifying navigation across Microsoft product offerings. Agent response times have also improved, assisted by the newfound ability to load balance across regions.


  • Seamlessly shift traffic loads across regions
  • Significant reduction in call transfer rates
  • Substantially shorter waiting times
  • Improved accuracy of reporting at a global level
  • Savings of time and money from decommissioned infrastructure

Genesys Multicloud CX gives Microsoft and our partners the levers we need to optimise a global pool of agents with multiple language skills and deliver consistently great customer experiences.

Matt Hayes, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft


  • Remove the burden of managing on-premises infrastructure
  • Improve visibility and control of global support services

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