Improves customer communications

The utility Endesa needs to keep its channels of communication open to be able to respond to emergency situations such as blackouts. But with 12 million customers across the Iberian peninsula, it also needs to be able to handle a large number of more mundane inquiries.

Traditionally the company has relied on the phone for 90 percent of inbound customer interactions, making its call centre a critical part of the business. And there, Genesys has helped Endesa integrate offshore assets cost effectively to better handle peaks in demand.

Genesys has also helped improve customer satisfaction by making it cheaper and easier to monitor calls and pick up on areas where training and other forms of agent support may be needed, lending more power to the electricity provider’s communications.


  • Integrated a 200-agent call offshore call centre to handle call peaks
  • Took three million extra calls a year without increasing agents
  • Reduced cost of speech analytics


  • Manage increasing call volumes
  • Improve call handling capacity
  • Enhance customer service

A couple of years ago, we had little real information about the needs of our customers. Our view of why they were calling was sketchy. Now we can train agents to cope with issues and trends we see cropping up in our calls.

Carlos Espinosa, Business Partner, Customer Service Channels, Endesa

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