Corona Direct

Consistently selling more without adding staff

Corona Direct is a Belgian insurance company that’s fostered a track record for innovation, becoming the country’s first direct insurer in 1974.

The insurer started using Genesys technology for voice communications only. Enhancements followed, when Corona Direct introduced web callback and became the first company in Benelux to deploy Genesys intelligent Workload Distribution (iWD).

Intelligent iWD call routing allows Corona Direct to answer 80% of calls within 20 seconds, respond to 90% of all email within 24 hours, and complete 71% of callbacks within three minutes.

This speed of response is a significant differentiator for the insurer, since it has discovered that speed of response is strongly related to lead conversion.


  • 71% of callbacks completed in three minutes
  • 90% of all email messages answered within 24 hours
  • 80% of calls answered in 20 seconds


  • Establish an omnichannel, digital organization
  • Cut response times
  • Improve customer satisfaction

The faster our communication with customers, the more our overall customer satisfaction improves. Genesys has undoubtedly contributed to that.

Philippe Neyt, Chief Commercial Officer, Corona Direct