Increases customer service flexibility and efficiency

Having teams of people doing a single thing very well is a good rule of thumb for small-scale customer service efficiency. But when you’re a major media company handling around 30 million customer communications a year, it works better for agents to multitask.

That’s certainly the case at Canal+ the Vivendi-owned French premium pay television provider, because of the sheer volume of customer communications they handle. The group has more than 11.2 million subscribers but only 2,000 customer service agents.

Thanks to Genesys, though, the company can handle workloads efficiently with agents fed whichever tasks are most important at the time, switching from one job to another on a single desktop interface.


  • Achieved an 18-month ROI on a virtual contact centre project
  • Reduced postal query handling costs by 40%
  • Improved KPIs each year

With Genesys, Canal+ ensures all requests are processed in a timely manner, according to their importance, by the right person.

Jean-Christophe Heymonet, Head of Customer Relationship Innovation and Transformation, Canal+ Group

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