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Genesys SoftAgent for Cisco

Genesys SoftAgent for Cisco


Sustaining service levels is critical to your contact center. You must ensure continual readiness to provide service if you want to retain customer loyalty and meet business goals. With effective tools, you can establish a path to business continuity for front, remote and back-office contact center staff.

  • Agent status features of Genesys without the need for workstation softphone
  • Alternate agent controls should there be a workstation or CRM system failure
  • Back-office workers integrated into the Genesys routing plan
  • Monitoring web view to observe and manipulate agent status for an agent group or switch
  • The ability to log out all agents in an emergency
  • New phones types can be added as custom developments


The Genesys SoftAgent application supports your need for agent availability by providing agent state controls on alternate devices such as desk phones or vendor equivalent software phones. Supervisors and team leaders can also take advantage of an optional activity monitor user interface to gain broader visibility of their respective team’s status, and manage availability of their team members.

The SoftAgent application provides an alternative way to manage agent state when available workstation software doesn’t provide similar capabilities, isn’t accessible or when agents have a preference for working only with the phone interface.

Features and functionality

The SoftAgent application for Cisco allows web-enabled Cisco IP phone users to log in, go ready, not ready, set after call work (ACW) or log out from their phone using soft buttons on the phone display. When setting not ready, reason codes can be selected to more effectively communicate the state.

Labels on the phone soft buttons are configurable in text and position. The design of the phone application accommodates use of all the standard phone features and allocated buttons, and blends with other service applications enabled on the phone. The SoftAgent application supports Genesys and Active Directory login authentication, and is configurable via Genesys Administrator/CME. It also supports a load-balanced active-active highavailability model.

The SoftAgent application combines Active Directory and Genesys security controls to constrain access and agent group visibility to the monitor.

The optional Agent Activity Monitor allows management to access real-time agent status, including agent group or all extensions on a given switch, via any web browser. From this view, users can set one or more agents ready, not ready or log them out. This is an ideal tool to close the contact center in an emergency or log out agents who are no longer available.

Technical overview

The SoftAgent for Cisco application is a combination of Cisco web-enabled phone sets, such as the 7900 series, Cisco UCM configuration and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). The SoftAgent application resides on one or more IIS servers and access is controlled via Windows/IIS security policies.

To support large-scale deployments (800 or more) of phone sets, it is recommended that multiple IIS servers be deployed in an activeactive architecture with an HTTP load-balancer distributing requests. HTTP session management is not required.

Phone set users are required to log into the Genesys infrastructure using their Genesys usernames, which may contain an optional password. The extension of the phone is discovered from the phone set.

Users of the web-based Activity Monitor view are required to be logged into their workstation that uses Windows integrated security to perform single sign-on to the website. Further Windows security controls, in tandem with Genesys access security, may constrain access to the application and visibility to agent groups.

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Technical requirements

  • Microsoft IIS version 6/7/7.5
  • Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework
  • Genesys CIM 7.5 through 8.1
  • Cisco UCM 7.x, UCM 8.x
  • Cisco 7900 series web phones
  • Cisco IP Communicator 7.x, 8.x
  • Internet Explorer 7 through 9
  • Firefox 3 through 11
  • Chrome 6 through 18

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