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Knowledge management tools that make every moment count


Give customers and agents the right answer, every time

Find the right knowledge fast

Enable agents and customers to search for and find information. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology, like semantic search, understands interaction context and provides answers.

Eliminate information silos for good

Legacy systems can create disorganized, siloed knowledge. Integrated tools help you break down these silos, giving your business and customers access to key information.

Manage your information easily

As the volume of information grows, it becomes harder to organize and optimize for use. Give your knowledge administrators user-friendly tools to make self-service and agent assistance easy.

Deliver great customer experiences with dynamic knowledge capabilities

Integrated and intuitive

Consolidate, edit, organize and deliver information with a tightly integrated knowledge interface. Eliminate time-consuming processes and coding requirements.

Natural language processing (NLP)

Truly understand what your agents and customers are looking for. Retrieve the right information using NLP across multiple channels and languages.

Search optimizer

Quickly create new and alternate article phrasings. Improve negatively rated content and create new articles for questions that haven’t been asked yet.

Semantic search

Understand customers’ intent with AI-enabled search. Use this context to provide the right information to meet their needs the first time.

Interaction insights

Involve customers and employees in knowledge optimization. Get automatic insight into knowledge use and effectiveness.

Rich media

Engage your customers with dynamic content. Make your knowledge stand out with rich media, including videos, quick replies, images and emojis.

Delight customers and empower agents with answer automation

As you increase the variety and complexity of your products and services, enter new markets and diversify your customer base, you create new knowledge. But sharing the right knowledge with the right stakeholder — at the right moment — becomes more challenging.

With Genesys, you get user-friendly knowledge management software that makes it easy to deliver better agent and customer experiences. Eliminate silos across your organization to easily compile and access your content library, customer data and other helpful resources. Give your customers and agents the right information, in the right moment — improving every customer interaction.

Empower every interaction with the right information

Give your customers and agents the knowledge they crave. With Genesys, you get a centrally-maintained knowledge base that can be leveraged across all touchpoints. Give every area of your organization — including your customer support and sales teams — access to the types of knowledge they need. Include all knowledge capability users and information consumers in your feedback loop to train and improve self-service content across engagements.

Deliver consistent messages

Provide a single source of truth for every team member at your business — no matter their role or location. Use this knowledge repository to provide more consistent customer experiences across channels and touchpoints. And when critical moments occur, give your agents the right information to provide personalized, time-sensitive customer support.

Simplify support

Siloed knowledge makes it difficult to find the right answers and resources. Genesys AI-powered knowledge solutions seamlessly integrate with your chosen platform. Equip your team members with the tools to easily curate, prioritize and analyze content to deliver better agent and customer experiences.

Identify actionable insights

Gather real-time feedback from customers and agents to identify areas to correct, augment and enrich knowledge content. Real-time insights allow managers to identify knowledge gaps and train agents. With easy access to feedback on both the knowledge provided and the agents providing it, contact centers can continuously improve the quality of their service.

Enable smarter self-service

Give your customers and agents better experiences with automated answers. Genesys AI makes it easy to optimize content for access and accuracy, while AI models automatically identify what information is needed and how to deliver it. Together, they distribute the right knowledge at the right moment for both agents and customers.

Deliver better customer experiences on a platform that works for you

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