Engage proactively with outbound call center software

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Make every customer interaction count

Create personalized connections

Deliver smarter outbound campaigns with personalized interactions on the customer’s channel of choice. Improve targeting; make timely, relevant connections; and maximize revenue.

Maximize your agents’ time

Connect agents to the right customer, the first time. Sophisticated algorithms boost agent utilization. Agent scripting improves calls and campaign efficiency.

Avoid compliance errors

Ensure every outbound communication complies with local, national and international laws. Make it easy to protect your business and deliver the best customer experiences.

Engage with customers on their terms

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Self-service campaigns

Increase the productivity and cost-effectiveness of your outreach strategies with artificial intelligence (AI)-powered outbound campaigns. Combine lower-cost channels with self-service bots for voice and digital to maximize efficiency.

Proactive notifications

Reach out proactively with timely, personalized notifications. Auto-notify customers about an upcoming appointment, recently shipped order or expiring membership through digital and voice channels.

Simplify compliance

Meet evolving regulatory requirements and business policies. Leverage user-friendly and role-based admin tools to quickly create, deploy, modify and audit outbound campaigns.

Simple design

Design outbound call center campaigns that drive call center impact and efficiency. Configure flows based on campaign targets, agent workloads or customer needs to improve outreach effectiveness.

Digital and voice campaigns

Reduce operation costs and deliver important, time-sensitive alerts via customers’ favorite channels. Choose the right channel for each type of communication.

Integrated analytics

Get detailed analytics on all your contact attempts across channels in a single performance view. With outbound and inbound calls in one report, you’ll get deeper insights.

Software-based verification

Improve contact rates by performing automatic pre-call checks against external systems. Industry-leading voice print technology accurately detects answer machines, fax signals and live people.

Advanced list management

Quickly plug in apps from the extensive AppFoundry® Marketplace for advanced list management capabilities that improve engagement and regulatory compliance.

Customize with open APIs

Simplify third-party integrations into your contact center solutions with open, real-time APIs. Add pre-built apps and integrations, including CRM systems, to your contact center without involving IT.

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of consumers across the globe believe a company is only as good as its customer service

Genesys, “The state of customer experience,” 2023

Execute successful outbound campaigns with optimized targeting

Running successful campaigns takes more than uploading numbers into outbound dialer software. Customers expect engagement in a timely, personalized and contextual way. With Genesys, you can intelligently leverage outbound campaigns to improve your business.

Proactively deliver relevant and timely information via the right channel at the right moment. Not only does this divert call volume, it also improves important business metrics. Manage campaigns from a single platform to improve revenue, customer loyalty and agent productivity.

Improve customer interactions with powerful outbound support

Customer communication preferences change all the time. And that makes outbound engagement even more critical. Ensure your message reaches existing and potential customers with agile outbound engagement software.

Reach customers on their preferred channels

Send specific communications using preferred channels. That could include sending appointment reminders via text or billing statements through email, or using any combination of channels and message types. Support your outbound strategy across automated, agentless, event-driven and agent-assisted outbound channels, including proactive digital campaigns.

Get outbound and inbound on one solution

Work with the customer experience (CX) solution you already love. With cloud-based Genesys software, adding outbound is easy. Get insights that span call center solutions and combine inbound and outbound operations to improve customer support and agent experiences. Use this holistic view to choose the best option for customers — an agent, bot or self-service.

Personalize the entire customer lifecycle

Journey orchestration allows you to target outbound engagement that anticipates and meets customers’ needs. That boosts satisfaction, reduces inbound volume and improves business outcomes. Get a holistic view of the customer journey to pinpoint which campaigns are effective. Confidently deploy outbound engagement where it will make the biggest impact.

Simplify your compliance management

Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards using built-in compliance tools and audit reports. Safeguard your business across every outbound interaction. Genesys enables automated suppression and consent lists, mobile number identification, and safe contact window definitions. Distinguish between landline and mobile treatment strategies.

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Frequently asked outbound call center questions

What makes the best outbound call software?

The best outbound call software enables users to proactively engage with consumers. Sophisticated outbound software includes capabilities that improve an agent’s ability to personalize interactions while complying with local, national and international laws.

What is an example of an outbound call center?

An outbound call center has salespeople who cold-call potential customers. That means the people they reach out to haven’t engaged with their brand before. Organizations might use outbound  calls to make sales, survey shoppers and conduct research.

Are outbound calls difficult?

Making outbound calls that result in success might be difficult, but the right outbound call software makes it easy. With all the information you need at your fingertips, you can make outbound calls feel warmer than a cold call.