Outbound call centers hit the mark with digital and self-service

Proactively engage with your customers using outbound campaigns across the channels they prefer. You’ll create better customer experiences and improve important metrics like response rates, revenue and customer loyalty.

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Engage with customers on their terms

Running successful outbound campaigns takes a lot more than uploading numbers into a dialer. In this digital age, customer needs are dynamic and evolving. You need a unique platform to provide engagement in a timely, hyper-personalized and contextual way. Extend the power of your outbound strategy with support across multiple automated, agentless, event-driven and agent-assisted outbound channels, including proactive digital campaigns.

Keep existing and prospective customers informed over a variety of touchpoints and connect with them in ways that offer the highest probability of success. That’s how to build lifetime loyalty — with a contact center strategy that gives customers an experience as graceful and elegant as possible.


Make outreach more relevant

Optimize campaign results

Optimize outbound campaigns to accelerate KPIs, whether for collections, notifications or Right Party Connect. And, when you proactively engage, you’ll see reduced inbound call volume and you’ll need fewer resources to build those inbound tools.

Maximize agent productivity

Use agent time wisely. They’ll spend more time talking to customers with sophisticated algorithms that maximize utilization. Agent scripting can streamline their calls and improve overall campaign efficiency.

Improve the customer experience

Deliver timely, relevant and personalized messages over a variety of touchpoints to exceed expectations. Use intelligent insights to anticipate customer needs and engage with them before problems arise.

Reach the right customers on the right channels

The ways in which customers want to communicate change all the time. And that makes outbound engagement even more critical throughout those journeys — from the initial search for new products or services to the collection of that first invoice. With an agile, feature-rich platform, you’ll have all the functionality required to make sure your message reaches customers.

Proactive outbound digital campaigns

Send large campaigns across multiple digital channels in a short timeframe — with no tied agents. Use these “agentless campaigns” for mass notifications that use pre-recorded messages, email and text, including school closures, utility outages, emergency notifications and special discount offers. This feature also handles incoming texts. Customers use short codes to set up inbound workflows and handle responses — with an agent or through automation like bots.

Classic outbound voice

Everything you’ve known and loved about voice is still part of our rich suite of capabilities. Preempt inbound contacts, reduce customer churn and drive incremental revenue opportunities. Gain even more efficiency by letting customers complete transactions through automated payment options. Then, if your customers want to speak with an agent at any point during a self-service interaction, they have an easy path to get there. Our predictive pacing algorithms accurately predict agent availability, optimally pace outbound volume and filter out unproductive calls, such as voicemail, busy signals and disconnected numbers.

Fluid journeys connected across touchpoints

Engaging with customers on their channel of choice is only a part of what it takes to support modern customer journeys. You need real-time context to travel along with the customer — no matter where the conversation begins or ends. A connected journey eliminates the problems of disjointed interactions by maximizing the moments of truth. For example, if a customer calls for a service request but hasn’t paid a bill, your IVR can capture the call and send it to a collection agent first. Then it’ll go to an agent who can address any service issue. Or, you might avoid using an up-sell or cross-sell campaign for customers who have an open service request. This could dramatically affect conversion rates and positively affect customer experience and loyalty.

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