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Outbound call center


Engage with customers on their terms

Customer engagement is more strategic than just running an email campaign. Proactively communicating with prospects in a timely, personalized and contextual way is good business. And when you extend an outbound call center strategy across multiple automated and agent-assisted outbound channels, the results can be great. If you’re struggling to keep existing and prospective customers informed over their preferred channels, it’s probably frustrating for them, too. Existing customers have unmet expectations for updates on their accounts and the products they use. And when complications arise, they’ll default to call center support. New leads are even less likely to convert when you’re unable to identify them for targeted campaigns. Build outbound call center capabilities that turn leads into happy, loyal customers.

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Take interactions to the next level with predictive dialing

Take interactions to the next level with predictive dialing

The human touch is a powerful differentiator for businesses, but not when it’s wasted on time-consuming and outdated methods of dialing or returns the wrong contacts. Predictive pacing algorithms take automated dialing to a new level.

Predictive dialing software from Genesys accurately predicts agent availability, optimally paces outbound volume and filters out unproductive calls, such as voicemail, busy signals and disconnected numbers. Call centers that are new to predictive dialing see huge productivity gains when they free up agents’ time from unproductive contacts. Those agents instead connect with the right customers automatically. Increasing actual talk time with contacts means agent use their time more effectively and customers have a better experience with more personal attention.

Blueprint for success:

Design the perfect cloud contact center solution with our CX blueprint tool.

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Automate notifications and personalize the customer experience

Proactive communications create long-lasting opportunities and decrease the volume of inbound calls to your contact center. When you send highly personalized, timely and relevant notifications through your customer’s preferred channel, you create effortless interactions and improve engagement. When done properly, notifications about important alerts and updates can save agent time.

Consider the possibilities for your customers:

  • Fraud alerts or power outage notifications
  • Order confirmation or appointment reminders
  • Bill payments or promotions
Automatic notifications

Proactive callback keeps customers engaged

Proactively communicate with your customers in a timely, personalized and contextual way. When you anticipate customer needs and solve their problems, you’ll forge lifelong relationships. Build an outbound call center strategy across automated and agent-assisted outbound channels to preempt inbound contacts, reduce customer churn and drive incremental revenue opportunities. You’ll gain even more efficiency by letting customers complete transactions through automated payment options. Then, if your customers want to speak with an agent at any point during a self-service interaction, they have a path to escalate to an agent.

Make it easy on your customers:

  • Use predictive dialing to target the right customers and streamline interactions
  • Automate notifications to save time and keep customers informed
  • Keep customers engaged with proactive callback

Genesys outbound call center

Reach out to your customers

Make outbound part of your omnichannel engagement strategy

Being able to seamlessly blend interactions, pass context across all channels and cater to today’s mobile consumer frees your call center from single-channel communication silos and lets you reap rewards from omnichannel engagement. For example, you can design some outbound call center campaigns to drive high-value inbound calls into the call center. At the same time, you can create other outbound campaigns to deflect avoidable inbound calls by proactively providing information, managing customer expectations and eliminating a customer’s need to contact the organization.

Outbound contact center omnichannel engagement strategy

We’re seeing more dials and connections for less effort.

Alexander Barr, Customer Services Director, Actavo

Outbound call center for marketing and sales

Boost conversion rates with multichannel campaigns

When you communicate with prospects and existing customers in a proactive, timely, personalized and contextual way, it is good for business. And when this becomes part of your outbound call center strategy across multiple, automated outbound channels, the results are impressive. When you struggle to keep target audiences informed over their preferred channels, you miss opportunities to up-sell products and services. Stack the numbers in your favor—use automation to prioritize and distribute leads based on their value and timeliness, and watch conversion rates rise. You’ll also build valuable new opportunities and loyalty.

Outbound contact center for marketing and sales

The outbound call center engagement playbook


Build high-value leads with automated notifications

Automating personalized communications adds new revenue opportunities without tying up sales reps—and it’s convenient for your prospects. Consider the revenue-generating possibilities around retail promotions, personalized discounts, discount vouchers and loyalty schemes. When you target the right people over their preferred channels, you build sales opportunities with greater potential for conversions. By automating notifications, you resolve issues and preempt inbound contacts, increase low-effort interactions, and drive incremental revenue opportunities. Do this correctly and you’ll free up sales reps to focus on other tasks.

Push your sales cycle forward with proactive callback

Increase online sales conversions and revenue by offering a callback based on the individual behavior of website visitors. For example, when a prospect triggers an engagement rule, monitor their behavior and reach out. If they fill out identifying data, initiate a callback.

This proactive approach improves customer experience by engaging with them in their choice of channels—building a seamless and intuitive connection across multiple channels. This approach offers:

  • Increased return on marketing spend through higher contact and response rates and better attribution
  • Deeper insights into campaigns that span multiple channels by carrying context across channels
  • Better campaign attribution by tracking your lead journeys through online and offline engagement

We knew how important it was to reach the customer first time. Every missed connection was another drain on productivity. Now, we don’t have this problem.

Marco AC Mattos, Executive Director of Business Intelligence, Analysis and Strategy, RCB

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Harness the power of predictive dialing

Use the power of human touch to your selling advantage. Let go of time-consuming and outdated methods of dialing and returning the wrong contacts. Genesys predictive dialing algorithms get the pacing and contact level right. Predictive dialing accurately determines rep availability, optimally paces outbound call center volume and filters out unproductive calls, such as voicemail, busy signals and disconnected numbers. By increasing actual talk time with leads, sales reps use their time more effectively and increase revenue opportunities.

Sell more with list management and campaign tools

Reduce administrative slowdowns when your sales and marketing tools are integrated into a single, agile and easy-to-use tool. This positions you to boost sales conversions through higher contact and response rates using multiwave, multichannel campaigns that leverage both self-service and assisted service. For example, you can build an outbound call center campaign strategy from a contact list that applies user preferences. As you gather responses, your knowledge base grows. Then you can leverage valuable, real-time insights to determine the right time to contact leads for better contact and response rates.


Genesys helped Omnilife boost contact rates significantly. Sales conversion increased considerably and handle times dropped drastically, reducing affiliate frustration and improving bottom-line results.

Genesys Cloud outbound call center

Administer powerful campaigns with outbound calling software

Execute dial modes and campaign tactics that keep call center agents productive, costs low and contact rates high. Inbound and outbound blending is supported on the Genesys Cloud™ platform, which ensures you have coverage across queues. Because dialing needs vary depending on campaign type and legal regulations, five different modes are offered:

  • Preview–Presents information about contact to the call center agent before dialing, informing them whether to call or skip to the next record
  • Progressive–Reduces the risk of call abandonment by dialing one contact for each available agent
  • Power–Waits until an agent is available before placing a call. Adjusts the number of simultaneous calls placed by analyzing previous calling attempts
  • Predictive–Predicts agent availability and places calls based on internal statistics
  • Agentless–Automatically responds to live contacts or answering machines
Outbound dashboard

The call blending and predictive dialing capabilities of PureCloud allow agents to make outbound calls during quiet periods, significantly improving productivity and the levels of customer service.

Lalith Abeysena, Chief Operating Officer, Diabetes Victoria

Manage outbound dialing with the PureConnect Interaction Dialer

Choose intelligent outbound calls in any environment

The PureConnect™ platform puts you on the road to customer experience success by using the same outbound call center software for both cloud and on-premises implementations. This makes a move to the cloud easy, intuitive and painless.

Access features and tools that enable you to leverage existing telco and voice infrastructure, meet the most stringent security and compliance requirements, and decide how and where data is stored. Once enabled, your system operates on a single-tenant cloud that’s comprehensive, secure and customizable. You control the tools you use and when to perform upgrades, which lets you make the best choices for your business—and your customers.

Predictive dialer

Selecting the right outbound call center dialing option

Predictive dialer

Get more from each call. This predictive dialer integrates with your customer interaction software to boost outbound dialing, elevate agent productivity and improve contact success rates.

Skills-based dialing

Dialing based on your agents’ skills and availability is a perfect option for state-based licensing. Be certain that the agent contacting your customers is fully informed and ready to facilitate a simple interaction.

Multisite tools

Comprehensive multisite campaign management tools coordinate your outbound call center efforts across sites, and even internationally to increase the effectiveness of your distributed teams.

Blended dialing

With information on both inbound and outbound historical calls stored in a single system, you can utilize call blending to provide an integrated, personalized experience for each of your customers.

Optimize call scripting for performance

When it comes to call scripting, it’s important to test and adjust based on script performance. You can use a web-based form designer to create, test and publish websites or campaign scripts for use with Interaction Dialer campaigns.

  • Designed as a simple and intuitive tool that’s accessible to everyone. This makes editing and maintaining scripts a simple task instead of a technical request.
  • Allows you to adjust scripts, as needed, to boost agent performance and create positive outcomes for customers.

FORUM uses PureConnect for outbound calling, blended dialing and campaign management.

Avoid violations and fines with proven compliance technology

Craft an effective plan to meet compliance requirements

Complying with U.S. and international sales and collections regulations is a top concern for business. By using “do not call” services and tools, Interaction Dialer helps you keep outbound campaign compliance in check. Real-time connectivity to third-party Do Not Call (DNC) services, such as (Contact Center Compliance) and in-house DNC lists, further ensures regulatory compliance.


Cover all the bases—connect to any SIP architecture

Thousands of customer organizations—no matter their technology or architecture—rely on the Interaction Dialer solution. The PureConnect platform offers a complete SIP-based “all-software” architecture to support outbound call center campaigns in a VoIP environment with reduced IT complexity. Whether you choose to connect to legacy voice systems, replace your switches or continue using your existing phones, the PureConnect platform accommodates it. You could even eliminate desk phone hardware entirely with the built-in WebRTC soft phone—all you need is data connectivity, a laptop or desktop computer and your favorite headset.

Interaction Dialer

Boost your dialing campaigns

Genesys Engage outbound call center management

Connect anytime on any channel for great customer experience

With Genesys outbound software on the Genesys Engage™ omnichannel engagement solution, you can proactively communicate with customers in a timely, personalized and contextual way. Communicate across multiple automated and agent-assisted outbound channels. According to Forrester, 65% of organizations today have prioritized proactive customer communication to keep their customers informed. The result is greater profitability, maintained compliance and improved engagement.

Pureengage outbound

Five ways to improve outbound engagement and customer experiences with mobile


Automate proactive contact and notifications

Automating communications saves money and valuable time. In addition to handling critical business processes, automation is convenient. Consider automating fraud alerts, order confirmations, outage notifications, appointment reminders, bill payments, promotions or customer surveys. Automated dialing lets you leave timely and personalized voice messages and send email and text messages over your customers’ preferred channels.

When you manage customer expectations, resolve issues and keep them informed, you preempt inbound contacts, increase customer satisfaction, reduce churn and drive incremental revenue. Take it a step further and let customers complete transactions through automated payment options. If the customer wishes to speak with an agent at any point during a self-service interaction, Genesys outbound call center software offers a path to escalate to an agent.

The Genesys Outbound Voice dialing algorithm was so much better than the systems we compared it with. We were able to improve our call-to-agent ratios by between 30% to 40%.

Ángel Ruiz Calonge, IT Director, CATSA

Blend inbound and outbound communications

To further improve your call center efficiency, Genesys outbound software supports blended agents. By blending inbound and outbound calls either to a specific agent group or to the entire population of agents, you can increase agent utilization, reduce overall call wait times and smooth overall call volume. Your call center agents also can use text messaging and email to send on-demand messages to consumers during a call or to start a conversation. For example, schedule a service call by phone, then send a text-based reminder one day before the scheduled appointment. Plus, you can initiate outreach in one channel and expand to another channel if no response is received.

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Integrate list management and campaign tools

Create, monitor and tune integrated omnichannel, outbound call center  strategies dynamically with self-service list management and campaign management capabilities. The easy-to-use interface lets business users:

  • Segment contacts, apply filters and pre-dial checks
  • Define channels and determine landline versus mobile treatments
  • Manage outbound pacing and monitor campaign progress, health and results

Proactively sending appointment reminders via SMS has not only helped our cable client streamline installation processes, but also increased their customer satisfaction levels. Genesys provides deep expertise and mobile best practices to ensure our outbound messaging remains compliant.

Lindsay Shields, Director of Client Care, OnProcess Technology

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