Better employee performance management — every step of the way

Identify the skills that agents need to drive better business outcomes. Support and motivate employee development to nurture those skills.

Employee performance@2x

Understand every interaction and enable employee success

The success of your contact center hinges on a lot of moving parts. But the linchpin is employee performance. Modern call center technology has moved past average handle time, hold times and workforce optimization (WFO). Now, workforce engagement management (WEM) tools give you full insight. They provide a clear picture of customer and employee journeys.

WEM gives you a performance management system that lets you see what your best agents are doing right. That way, you can provide individualized coaching and training on those skills. Manage calls, analyze data and recommend actions that drive performance in real time. WEM brings managers and employees together to provide next-level customer service.

Good customer experience starts with engaged workers

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Empower managers to deliver personalized training sessions

Schedule training and feedback sessions directly from the interaction detail screen. WEM solutions allow supervisors and administrators to act quickly on agent development opportunities.

Enhance your contact center agent skills

Leverage a robust continuous learning ecosystem

Knowledge is power. And a good training system is a game changer. From the start, you can increase speed to competency for new hires. Plus, learning management lets existing employees stay up to speed on new and relevant skills.


Keep employees and customers happy for the long term

Make work fun again. A little competition can keep employees engaged. By gamifying contact center KPIs, you can use that natural desire for competition. Reward achievement with recognition to boost performance and professional development.

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Genesys. A 2021 Gartner WEM Magic Quadrant Visionary two years running.

Delivering ease of use, strong support and reduced agent effort.

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Take employee performance to new heights

Genesys Employee Performance lets you pinpoint why agents succeed. Discover which skills, knowledge and behaviors your top performers have. Generate blueprints that show what great performance looks like. Focus training on performance improvements that make the biggest impact.

Complimentary system assessments

Help employees reach their peak potential

Create a performance management process that benefits your employees and your business. Increase speed to competency and improve employee engagement. Set clear, customized performance goals. And deliver robust training and ongoing performance management to empower agents to reach those goals.

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Offer guidance and necessary resources

Use your data to inform employee work. Ensure information is consistent — regardless of channel. Use that information to guide every interaction with your organization’s customer knowledge. By giving agents the information they need, they can resolve any query or issue.

Deliver omnichannel customer journeys

Make improvement engaging and fun

Move past standard performance evaluations. Use game mechanics, recognition and social media concepts to make training fun. Gamification leverages a natural desire for competition, collaboration, achievement, status and recognition. If you’re not convinced, try it for a few months and follow up with an employee engagement survey.

"We wanted to invest in our people, to help them continuously improve their performance, upsell and cross-sell more effectively. That meant finding ways to uncover skills gaps and speed-up essential knowledge transfer."

Torhild-Torgersen Hage

Senior Project Manager


Give employees the tools and motivation to drive performance


Big-picture impact

Employees want to feel like they’re making a difference. Show them how they affect bigger business goals. Correlate business performance with employee skills, knowledge and behaviors.

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Effective coaching

Train your agents with the right knowledge at the right time. Empower supervisors to perform reviews and agent training at non-peak hours. This lets them focus on employee development without affecting business drivers.


Fun with gamification

Gamify your KPIs. Influence behavior and build intrinsic motivation to improve performance and promote employee engagement.

Rigorous contact center security standards

Rewards and Recognition

Drive productivity and celebrate employee success. Performance scorecards and dashboards motivate personal development. Much like gamification, they give agents a goal to work toward beyond day-to-day tasks.


Learning and training

Provide the documentation your agents need to succeed. Build learning modules to train or inform agents. Assign modules based on agent data.


Agent development

Empower your agents to take charge of their professional development. Provide individualized performance metrics and enable them to request coaching sessions.


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Keep your employees engaged and motivated

Stop spending time and money attracting top-performing talent that stays only a short time. Request a demo to learn more about workforce engagement management tools. Increase employee retention rates and ensure excellent customer experience. And, do it all while reducing the cost of recruitment and onboarding.

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