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Drive agent impact with employee performance management


Enable your employees to surpass performance goals

Easily onboard and retrain staff

Use embedded learning tools to increase speed to proficiency for new hires. Improve efficiency, reduce onboarding costs and help existing employees stay current on relevant skills.

Use data to boost employee potential

Use performance data to identify the precise skills, knowledge and attributes needed for each channel and role — and empower every employee to let their natural talents shine.

Engage and motivate your team

Make every workday enjoyable. Enable employees to see their efforts translate into real-time metrics. Boost agent collaboration, improve performance and build a stronger team.

Give employees the tools and motivation to drive performance

Personalized development hub

Create a culture of continuous improvement. A single view lets employees manage performance and access assigned learning content and coaching sessions — all while staying on top of their work.

Intuitive performance dashboards

Employees want to know they’re making a difference. Intuitive dashboards show how they’re part of bigger business goals. Correlate business performance with specific employee skills, knowledge and behaviors.

Embedded learning and training

Provide the educational resources your agents need to succeed. Build learning modules to train or inform your employees, and assign assessment modules to better evaluate agent knowledge and skill levels.

Effective coaching at the right moment

Train your agents with the right knowledge at the right time. Empower supervisors to perform reviews and agent training at non-peak hours. This lets them focus on employee development without disrupting business drivers.

Gamified performance leaderboards

Gamify your KPIs. Cultivate natural intrinsic motivations to improve performance and promote greater employee engagement. Help agents drive their development and strive for team goals by collaborating with peers.

Rewards and recognition

Foster a culture of continuous growth and celebrate employee success. Performance scorecards and team leaderboards motivate personal development while offering agents clear ways to help each other improve.

Use rich insights to ensure employee success

The success of your contact center hinges on a lot of moving parts. But the linchpin is employee performance. Modern call center technology has moved past measuring average handle times and hold times — and then waiting for annual reviews to encourage staff improvements. Now, workforce engagement capabilities give you full, continuous insights into agents’ individual performance metrics and collective team strengths.

Workforce engagement tools identify what your best agents are doing right and where there’s room for growth. This makes it easier for managers to provide individualized coaching and team training on key skills. Workforce engagement from Genesys brings managers and employees together to provide next-level customer service.

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Take employee performance to new heights

Employee performance management tools let you pinpoint why agents succeed. Discover the skills, knowledge and behaviors of your top performers. Create effective learning and development plans to help them surpass performance goals. Save time and money by focusing training on the specific performance improvements that will have the biggest impact.

Get embedded employee development tools

Gain a complete set of tools to manage the employee development journey embedded in your preferred Genesys platform for unrivaled integration. Reap the benefits of native or expert partner employee engagement capabilities for onboarding, learning, training, performance management, gamification, coaching, voice of the employee, and rewards and recognition.

Educate agents with integrated learning and training

Create tailored development journeys that enhance employees’ performances and skill levels while strategically guiding them to surpass performance objectives. A personalized employee dashboard gives agents single-click access to everything they need to improve their performance, develop in their career, share feedback and celebrate accomplishments.

Maximize results with predictive routing

Genesys gives you the uniquely powerful option to combine performance management with predictive routing. Predictive routing uses artificial intelligence to analyze contact center data, including workforce optimization metrics, and establish routing models that improve KPIs. Leverage detailed employee performance profiles to automatically direct issues to the agents most likely to have the availability, knowledge and skills to get the job done.

Create better employee experiences

Empower employees across job roles with integrated, automated workflows and transparency regarding KPI performance for improved collaboration and efficiency. Gamified performance metrics provide actionable, real-time recommendations to evaluate and strengthen employee development strategies. Create streamlined, targeted training sessions between agents and facilitators with built-in comprehensive coaching tools.

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