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Send a message with your email customer service

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Fast forward for better email results

Manage your inbox with a unified interface

Bring your customers’ email messages into a single omnichannel interface and deliver more seamless experiences. Empower agents to search for related interactions across channels to better understand customer concerns, solve problems faster and get more value out of every email exchange.

Address large email volumes efficiently

Navigate high email volumes with an automated email management system. Maintain distribution visibility, set priorities with business rules and route email to the right agents for fast and effective resolutions. This helps you balance employee workloads, reduce labor costs and meet SLAs.

Learn from every email with real-time metrics

A unified approach gives you clearer insights. With centralized reporting, you can see historical and real-time performance for email alongside other channels. Spot trends, identify issues and evaluate performance to consistently improve your customer experience, backed by data.

Create great experiences with better email tools

Robust categorization and prioritization

Automatically capture, classify, prioritize and route email with advanced management tools. Configure rules to prioritize messages based on key criteria, such as a customer’s relative value to your company.

Real-time and historical reports

Oversee email KPIs with real-time analytics and historical reports. Analyze trends by customer segments or agent interactions, and boost email response rates and customer satisfaction with actionable insights.

Attachments, images and rich text

Email never looked so good. Our email management tools enable inline images, attachments and rich text formatting. Agents can add bullets or numbers, change colors and fonts, or highlight important text in bold.

Canned responses

Stay consistent and respond to customers quickly with standardized replies. Agents can edit standard responses to customize messages and add frequently used inline images with a single click.

Custom “Mail From” addresses

Signed, sealed and delivered. Using your own “Mail From” domain gives you more flexibility in complying with email authentication protocols. Our software gives you this option.

Address blocking, spam and security

Clear the clutter by blocking specific addresses from emailing agents. And let automated virus and spam detection mark messages for review, keeping inboxes free and clear of problems.

Send customers the right message with effective email support

In the ever-evolving world of customer experience, newer channels like social media, messaging and bots tend to get a lot of attention. But your email address remains one of the first things customers look for when they need assistance. Email, the first digital channel, is still essential for customer support.

Despite the importance of email, many organizations lack the systems and processes capable of effectively managing large backlogs. Individual agents often have difficulty finding the most important email message to work on first, wasting valuable time cherry-picking the ones they want. Yet the categorization and routing capabilities from Genesys automatically get the right message to the right agents — for the right results. With our highly efficient email management software, you can create an integrated email experience that delights your customers and sets you apart.

Make email part of the full experience

Email is one of the fastest, easiest communication channels for customers. To make it fast and easy for your customer service team, centralize email with your other communication channels. With contact center software from Genesys, you can embrace email as an important method of communication and improve response times and customer satisfaction across all channels.

Fully integrated email interactions

To deliver seamless experiences, you need to capture all customer interactions in one place. Genesys contact center email software brings your customers’ email communications into one system and interface, just like it handles calls and live chats. This unified approach helps you understand customer conversations better, solve problems faster and get more value out of email interactions.

Smart email routing

Get email messages where they need to go, whether that’s to a shared queue or a specific agent. Genesys software uses the same routing engine for email messages as it does for voice and other digital interactions. That means you can route email based on skills, language requirements, priority, availability and more.

Better agent experience and efficiency

Route email to the right agent according to their workloads, and automatically blend email messages with other interaction types. You can specify how many email interactions agents can handle and interrupt email interactions if another channel takes priority. Agents can move seamlessly between media types with all the context they need.

Email analytics and performance insights

Centralized reporting brings all your email analytics into one place. Identify recurring issues, monitor real-time channel performance and generate comprehensive historical reports. Use your data to make clear and effective decisions, and monitor the results of changes to continuously improve your email customer service.

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