Make the most of every email interaction in your contact center

Give customer emails the attention they deserve with easier email management tools

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Put an end to ineffective email support

In the customer experience world, newer channels like social media, messaging and bots get a lot of attention. Sometimes we treat email like it’s fallen out of vogue. But your email address is one of the first things customers look for when they need assistance. Email, the first digital channel, is still essential for customer support.

Some companies treat email as a second-rate communication channel simply because they don’t have a great way to manage incoming messages. Without a live person waiting on the other end of the line, it’s easy to pass off an email as something that can wait. The good news: With the right tools, your contact center can create an integrated email experience that delights your customers and sets you apart.


Fast forward for better email results

Reduce handle time

When you can intelligently route emails to customer service agents with the right expertise, you set them up to resolve issues faster.

Improve employee utilization

Balance agent workloads to make the best use of their time and reduce labor costs. Automatically push email interactions at the best time for agents to handle them.

Improve customer experience

Give agents all the information they need to personalize their email responses by integrating email in a unified, omnichannel desktop.

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Make email part of the full experience

Email is one of the fastest, easiest communication channels for customers. To make it fast and easy for your contact center, centralize email with your other customer communication channels. With contact center software from Genesys, you can embrace email as an important method of communication and improve customer satisfaction across all channels.

Fully integrated email interactions

To deliver seamless experiences across all channels, you need to capture all customer interactions in one place — email included.

Genesys contact center software brings your customer email communications into one system and interface, just like it handles calls and chats. This unified approach helps you understand customer conversations better, solve problems faster and get more value out of email interactions.

Smart email routing

Get emails where they need to go, whether that’s to a shared mailbox or a specific agent. Genesys software uses the same ACD routing engine and evaluation methods for email messages as it does for phone calls and live chats. That means you can use skills-based routing to consider skills and language requirements and then route emails based on business rules, priority and resource availability.

Better agent experience and efficiency

Make email support quicker and easier for agents. Our software lets you automatically blend emails with other interaction types. This pushes emails to agents’ inboxes according to their workloads.

You can specify how many email interactions that agents can handle at one time. You also can determine if other interaction types take priority and interrupt email interactions. With our unified desktop, agents can move seamlessly between media types with all the context they need.

Email analytics and performance insights

This unified approach gives you clearer insights. With centralized reporting, you can see historical and real-time performance for email, alongside other communication channels. Spot trends, identify issues and evaluate performance to keep improving your customer experience, backed by data.

Deliver great experiences to customers with better email tools

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Attachments and images

Add what you need. When agents reply to an email, they can attach a file to send with the email reply. Incoming messages can display images as attachments or in line.

Text formatting

Email never looked so good. Our email management tools offer rich text formatting. Agents can add bullets or numbers, change colors, or highlight important bits in bold.

Canned responses

Stay consistent and respond fast. Canned responses are available across channels — so your team can use them in emails, too. Agents can edit canned responses to customize messages.

Email address blocking

Be the gatekeeper. You can block specific email addresses from sending messages to your agents. Just add a decision step to check the email sender name for unwanted addresses.

Custom MAIL FROM addresses

Signed, sealed, delivered. Using your own MAIL FROM domain gives you more flexibility in complying with email authentication protocols. Our software gives you this option.

Spam and virus protection

Our software helps protect you from spam and viruses. If an email contains a virus, we don’t deliver it. If an email is spam, we process it using settings you choose during setup.

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