Drive decisions with contact center reporting and analytics

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Gain full visibility into all operations to improve your business

Act quickly with real-time analytics

Real-time alerts and live streaming data enable you to monitor your contact center across queues, interactions and employee statuses. Make adjustments to queue activity and more directly in the analytics user interface.

Outperform targets with the right insights

By leveraging rich queue insights, such as necessary skills and interaction quality, you can plan ahead and optimize your resources. Employees can also track their performances for continuous improvement.

Access data at your convenience

Access data via API, Eventbridge and Genesys AppFoundry® Marketplace partners. Bring in more from CRM systems like Salesforce, Zendesk or Microsoft Dynamics. Export straight from the UI to third-party tools.

Get clear and actionable insights across touchpoints

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Real-time and historical analytics

Monitor your operations with real-time analytics for queue activity, adherence, topic trends, skills and languages. Gain insights on inbound interactions, conversations, outbound campaign progress and more.

Customizable dashboards and views

Easily build and save custom views, and toggle between tabs to save time and effort, with dedicated analytics workspaces. With pre-built dashboards and views, users get a snapshot of what they need to know.

Actionable analytics UI

The UI provides intuitive paths to explore data. Use simple controls for workforce management like employee availability, assigning interactions, monitoring adherence and viewing live interactions for coaching.

Real-time alerts

Define real-time alerts based on queue, user, conversation and presence-based metrics. And create multiconditional alerts to identify more complex scenarios. Receive these alerts via the app, SMS or email.

Data export support

Easily access Genesys Cloud™ platform data using export URLs that automate updates in external tools, platform APIs, Eventbridge data streaming, AppFoundry partner apps and our native A3S application.

Analytics as a Service (A3S) solution

Organize your contact center data from end to end with the A3S solution. Plus, you’ll get over 30 additional pre-built and customizable dashboards and reports, data warehousing, and the ability to bring in external data.

Realize the full value of your data

Genesys unlocks the business value of your data with useful reporting and analytics, alerts to surface potential issues, AI-driven insights, and an open platform for full access.

With the right data and an actionable UI, admins can make operational decisions and act on them faster — especially when unexpected issues occur. Quickly move contact center agents between queues, when needed, to meet high outreach volumes and decrease wait times. And use quality management capabilities to identify key insights in conversations and schedule coaching. Plus, you can easily optimize everyday operations with Genesys Cloud CX™ analytics.

Inform every operational decision with actionable insights

Reliable insights can be the difference between business success and failure. The best insights help you define and validate actions before you take them so you can move forward confidently.

Turn operational insights into immediate action

Get operational insights with real-time alerts and dashboards on queues, interactions, employee activity, and performance across voice and digital interactions. Then drill down into performance metrics and KPIs for root-cause analysis or to track down individual interactions to better understand customer behavior. And you can take immediate action by making adjustments directly in the call center software UI.

Improve interaction quality with rich customer context and AI-driven insights

Surface rich customer insights through outcome prediction, speech and text analytics, sentiment detection, and intent mining in Genesys Cloud AI. Admins can get automatic insights into knowledge use and its effectiveness to identify gaps and address them in real time. Intent Miner uses artificial intelligence to automatically surface intents from actual conversations and digital interactions. This reduces the time bot builders spend guessing customers’ intentions — and helps them build better bots.

Elevate your employees with the right analytics

Genesys Cloud CX makes it easy to ensure your call center agents are performing at their best. Use identity resolution to create single customer views so employees have important context during conversations. Using the agent desktop, your employees can view a customer journey map to see web activity, search terms, conversations, audience segments, purchase history, device history and progress toward business outcomes. This means customers don’t have to repeat themselves — and employees can provide informed responses quickly.

Supervisors gain valuable insights into performance across the entire team. And employees have a dedicated hub to track their daily schedules, activities, tasks and personal performance.

Count on enterprise-level support, security and reliability

Easily retrieve or synchronize call center data, such as conversations, using internal applications and data stores. You’ll have access to a rich set of open APIs, an expansive ecosystem of pre-built solutions and applications, and simple integration methods like event-based messaging and REST-based services. These allow you to perform a variety of tasks, including ad hoc queries, near-time data synchronization and asynchronous data exports.

And you never have to worry about uptime. Genesys Cloud delivers guaranteed uptime above 99.99% and global security compliance with GDPR, SOC 2, HIPAA and HITRUST certification.

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Drive better results with Genesys reporting and analytics

Better insights help achieve strategic goals, drive better customer experiences and increase customer satisfaction. The right reporting and analytics solution will help your team improve every customer interaction — no matter the channel.

Give your call center agents leading tools to deliver top-notch customer service. With the right call center analytics software, they’ll have access to historical and real-time customer data and insights. Request a demo to see how you can leverage Genesys reporting and analytics today.

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Frequently asked call center reporting questions

What is call center reporting?

Call center reporting involves the collection, analysis and presentation of data related to call center operations. It includes call center metrics such as call volume, call duration, call abandonment rate, first-call resolution rate and agent productivity.

What is contact center reporting?

Contact center reporting involves the collection, analysis and presentation of data related to contact center operations. Due to the fact that a contact center handles SMS, email, social media and more in addition to phone calls, contact center reporting becomes more complex than reporting for a call center.

Why is call center reporting important?

Call center reporting is essential for measuring performance, identifying areas for improvement and making informed decisions. Detailed reports can highlight issues related to call center metrics like call handling times, average duration of calls, average wait time, average hold time, customer satisfaction, agent productivity and more. This information can then be used to optimize resources, improve customer service and enhance overall efficiency.

What are call center analytics?

Call center analytics is the process of gathering and interpreting data from the operations of a call center. This analysis can be used to identify potential issues, as well as where the call center is performing well. Analytics provide valuable insights into call center performance, including agent performance, hardware and software performance, customer satisfaction and more.

What are the types of call center analytics?

There are many ways to analyze the data gathered from your call center. A few of the most important call center analytics include:

  • Predictive analytics — Using data from the past to predict what will happen in the future. For example, call volume from the past five holiday seasons can predict your staffing needs this December.
  • Omnichannel analytics — Callers have likely already interacted with your brand on one of your other channels. Being able to see the customer’s journey across all channels allows you to better serve them.
  • Speech analytics — AI can monitor calls in real time, analyzing live and providing information to call center managers on how to coach agents toward better results.

What is a call center dashboard?

A call center dashboard is a visual interface that displays KPIs related to call center activities. It provides real-time data on call center metrics, including:

  • Call volumes
  • Average handle times
  • Service level
  • Customer feedback, like customer satisfaction scores
  • Agent utilization
  • Agent performance

An intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard makes call center management much easier.

How is call center reporting different from call center analytics?

While both call center reporting and analytics involve data, they serve different purposes. Reporting provides raw data in an organized, easy-to-read format, giving a snapshot of specific key metrics at a certain point in time. Analytics, on the other hand, involves interpreting the data to identify patterns, trends and insights, enabling predictive modeling and strategic decision-making.

What is a call center service level KPI?

A call center’s service level key performance indicators (KPIs) are the metrics that a call center tracks in order to determine how well customers are being served. Specific KPIs differ from call center to call center. The ways in which they’re measured can differ as well, based on the specific needs of a company’s customers. Some typical KPIs include average time to answer, average handle time, first-call resolution rate and average wait time.