Choose an inbound contact center solution you can rely on

Be there for your customers no matter the channel or time

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Meet your customers’ needs across every interaction

Keep the customer journey active

Today’s customer journey can start anywhere. With the right inbound software, you can be where your customers are. Shape the journey across both self-service and agent-led experiences.

Be consistent — and always available

Whether customers interact with a human or a bot, offer 24/7 support. And give them a way to move from self-service to agent assisted — even if it’s a callback during business hours.

Show your customers you know them

Provide contextual conversations regardless of the channel in which an interaction takes place. Deliver relevant information directly to the customer or agent to accelerate a resolution.

Make it easy for customers to engage with your brand

Inbound omnichannel interactions

Self-service with semantic knowledge search

Use an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered knowledge search to deliver the right information in the right moment. And gain a deeper understanding of their intent for future interactions.

Conversational AI

Prioritize first-contact resolution. With bots equipped with natural language understanding, you can handle more interactions in a way that captures and uses customer context.

Omnichannel inbound experiences

Connect all the ways your customers engage with you for a seamless experience across web messaging, SMS, email, voice, social messaging and more.

Predictive, personalized routing

Match every customer interaction with the right
agent. Genesys AI determines which agent is most likely to deliver the best service and KPIs — all in real time.

Intuitive agent desktop

Give your employee an intuitive desktop that connects channels and data. Put AI-driven information and recommendations at their fingertips.

Identity resolution

Know every customer engaging with your company and where they’ve been. Then use this information to address individual needs, preferences and habits.

Extend to your back office

Create seamless end-to-end experiences by connecting your back-office tasks to the customer experience. We make it easy for businesses to prioritize and process work.

Get complete insights

Use journey visualization of the entire customer experience to remove and reduce friction along the entire customer and employee journeys.

Simple optimization

Identify key insights with continuous monitoring. Then use these insights to make adjustments in real time, directly improving your customer experience.

Working in a call centre

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expected reduction in handle time per call from Genesys intelligent routing

Genesys, 2023

Interact with customers based on their preferences

Design customer experiences that drive their desired outcomes — and your company’s, too. This begins with ensuring their first touchpoint with your brand enables them to access the support they need. Whether they first reach out via your mobile app, website or social media platform, you must be prepared to deliver the experiences they want.

With Genesys, you get an end-to-end orchestration platform that makes it easy to route and manage interactions based on each customer’s preferences. Often, this means enabling self-service, including knowledge and bot-based interactions. Or, if more hands-on, technical support is needed, you can escalate that same interaction to a live agent with all context intact.

Make your customers’ and agents’ lives easier with the Genesys inbound contact center solution. With our technology, you’ll be able to deliver consistent, reliable experiences whenever and wherever a customer needs you — every time.

Exceed your customers’ engagement expectations

Genesys inbound call center solutions give you a modern, streamlined approach to engagement. No matter which channels your customers use, give them the same fast and efficient service quality — and help agents deliver the type of empathetic experiences that build loyalty.

Offer support when a customer needs it

Customers expect the same support quality on all channels. To do this, inbound call centers must deliver the right information in the fastest, most efficient way possible.

Simple self-service requests might be addressed by an AI-enhanced knowledge search engine. Our knowledge management tools let you access your content library, customer data and more, enabling bots and agents to speed problem resolution. More complex scenarios might require a voice call instead of a bot. For any scenario, offer the right level of support when it’s needed.

Route customers to the right resource — anywhere

Genesys makes it easy to manage geographically dispersed teams. With global omnichannel queues and versatile routing options, you can create a unified contact center, optimize performance and balance workloads across multiple sites — all from a single product.

Genesys inbound call center software recognizes repeat customers. It uses predictive routing to route customers to the last agent they spoke to, or to the best-skilled agent. Or they’re offered the option of a callback. The effectiveness of predictive routing grows as your understanding of customers and their intent increases.

Empower employees to deliver empathy

Personalized experiences demonstrate empathy, building trust and customer loyalty. Using a single interface, agents have full context and history of customer service engagements. And agents don’t need to dig for answers — AI predicts the customer’s intent, anticipates what’s next and surfaces a recommendation to the agent.

With this insight, agents resolve customers’ problems immediately, which reduces handle times. And they can personalize scripts with customized interactions. Agents influence outcomes, and customers get the support they want and need.

Gain insights for inbound optimization

Using data and insights, you can inform and guide teams to create more personal, empathetic experiences. Data captured from all sources — even customer behavior on your website before they engage — lets you rapidly diagnose problems and resolve requests.

You can search voice interactions for keywords and phrases, and mine recordings for insights into what customers want and opportunities for improvement. Genesys contact center software handles all interaction analytics with a single application. Our no-code analytics capabilities turn analysts and business users into data scientists.

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Frequently asked inbound call center questions

What does an inbound agent do?

An inbound agent in a call center is responsible for handling incoming calls from customers. These calls might be related to inquiries, support requests, complaints, or product and service purchases. The agent’s job involves resolving the caller’s issues, providing information and ensuring a positive customer experience.

What is an inbound call center?

An inbound call center is a centralized office used for receiving a large volume of requests by telephone. These centers are operated by companies to administer incoming product or service support, customer inquiries, and other forms of customer interaction like order processing or appointment scheduling.

Which is better: inbound or outbound calls?

Determining whether inbound or outbound calls are better depends on business goals. Inbound calls, where customers call the company for inquiries or support, can provide valuable customer insight and build customer relationships. Outbound calls, where the company reaches out to customers or prospects, can be effective for sales, promotions and proactive customer service. Both have their role in a comprehensive customer strategy.