Bring service strategies to life with a flexible ACD

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Turn inbound interactions into opportunities with ACD

Eliminate static skill-based rules

Manual agent administration wastes time and money. Simplify the process using a dynamic agent that queues assignments based on skill expressions and proficiency levels.

Reduce average handle time

Business KPIs depend on how you distribute interactions. Lower average handle time and costs with intelligent automatic call distribution (ACD) that expands agent skills.

Deliver a better customer experience

Poor resolution rates, multiple transfers and long wait times negatively affect customer satisfaction. Meet evolving customer expectations with smarter routing decisions.

Get flexible routing with an AI-driven ACD — no matter your business size

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AI-driven routing

Attach routing selection data to each call. Enable business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) to identify behaviors that translate into decisions, such as skill combinations that improve first-call resolution.

Dynamic agent-queue membership

Improve routing effectiveness by using dynamic skills and proficiency expressions to link agents to queue membership. This simplifies routing administration and improves matching results.

Basic ACD routing

Keep call center routing simple. Send interactions to the agent who’s been idle the longest. If all agents are busy, send the interaction to the first available agent.

Skills-based routing

Match customers with agents who have the right expertise to resolve their issues quickly. Skills-based routing gets customers to the right agent the first time — no matter the channel.

Bullseye routing

Route customer interactions to a targeted sub-queue of agents with specific skills. If no agents are available, it relaxes the requested skills based on queue configuration and automatically expands the pool of agents.

Preferred agent routing

Select which agents should handle specific interactions based on the characteristics you specify. This could include skill set, responsibilities or existing customer relationships.

Conditional routing

Meet SLAs, even in the most demanding conditions. Easily set up automatic agent borrow-and-lend conditions in multiple queues with conditional routing. This improves agent utilization with minimal admin effort.

Data-based routing modifications

Easily incorporate CRM and other back-end system data in your routing decisions to drive greater business results through proper segmentation, prioritization and personalization.

Developer-friendly framework

Enhance and customize your routing logic by leveraging your developer expertise. Incorporate dynamic distribution and skills expressions by pulling data from different back-end systems or through centralized data tables.



of consumers want a company to solve their issues at first interaction, yet only one-third of businesses prioritize first-contact resolution

The State of Customer Experience, Third Edition, Genesys, 2023

Turn your ACD into an intelligent routing system

Customers contact you to get questions answered quickly. When they don’t connect with the right expert the first time, customer satisfaction drops. They’ll even switch channels until they get what they need. Blood pressure rises — and so do your costs.

Break the cycle. A smart routing system can match customers with the right agent who has the right information. And that turns service problems into opportunities.

When customers get what they need quickly, everybody wins. Both customers and employees are happier, which improves sales conversions and maximizes the potential of employee resources.

Boost business with a routing system that’s simple and powerful

Customers expect businesses to be available on the channels they use every day. This means your contact center needs to take on messaging apps, social media, chat and more. With ACD from Genesys, you can engage with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Get all-in-one inbound call center software

Unlike many other ACD providers, Genesys enables your ACD to run within a single provider. Each component — ACD, interactive voice response, outbound, quality management and workforce management — is built to work together. This gives you simplicity, speed, cost savings and efficiency.

Route voice and digital communications seamlessly

Turn customers’ calls, email messages, tasks, chats and social comments into a seamless experience. Give employees integrated insights from past interactions across all channels. Agents have all the context they need to facilitate smooth interactions — in a single product.

Let contact center agents work from anywhere

Distributed and remote agents are key to modern customer experience strategies. Genesys routing makes it easy to create one virtual contact center. Agents can work from different offices, countries and homes — and we support partner use. You get a unified virtual team that’s easy to manage and uses diverse skills and broader geographical reach.

Quickly set up the routing option that works best for you

Choose from a variety of routing algorithms to bring your service strategy and goals to life. Admins can easily set up and maintain routing parameters and methods in a single user interface (UI), reducing service interruptions and training. Using a single UI also reduces the risk of unexpected behaviors through error-free configuration.

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Discover how advanced ACD routing drives better outcomes

Offer the ultimate routing experience

Routing calls, chats, email messages and social comments to the right support in real time show customers you understand their needs. Elevate your routing strategy with an ACD system from Genesys. Request a demo today to see how you can improve outcomes for your existing and potential customers, as well as your employees and business.

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Frequently asked automatic call distribution questions

What is the difference between ACD and IVR?

ACD, or automatic call distribution, and IVR are two different  technologies used in call centers. ACD is responsible for routing incoming calls to the most suitable  agent or department based on predefined rules, such as skills or availability. IVR is an automated system that interacts with callers through voice or touch-tone input, providing information or routing the call based on the customer’s responses.

What does automatic call distribution do?

Automatic call distribution (ACD) is a telephony technology that manages incoming calls and distributes them to the appropriate agent within a call center. ACD systems can route calls based on different criteria, such as the reason for the call, the skills required to handle the call, the workload or agents’ availability.