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Send interactions to the right agent with a flexible ACD

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Make every second of your customers’ time count

Eliminate manual re-training

Manual agent administration costs time and money. Virtual groups automatically map agents based on their profiles, improving the matching of interactions.

Reduce handle times

Your business KPIs depend on your ability to distribute interactions. Significantly lower your average handle times and operational costs with an intelligent ACD.

Deliver a better customer experience

Poor resolution rates, multiple transfers and long wait times negatively affect customer experiences. Meet customers’ evolving expectations with ACD.

Optimize customer and employee time with a full-featured ACD

Dynamic virtual agent groups

Improve ACD effectiveness. Virtual agent groups are dynamically linked into multiple cohorts based on knowledge, expertise, location and other profile information.

Basic ACD routing

Keep it simple by sending interactions to the agent who’s been idle the longest. If all agents are busy, send the interaction to the first available agent.

Skills-based routing

Match customers with agents who have the right expertise to resolve their issues quickly. Skills-based routing gets customers to the right agent the first time.

Bullseye routing

Route customer interactions to a targeted sub-queue of agents with specific skills. If no agents are available, it relaxes the requested skills based on the queue configuration and expands the pool of agents.

Preferred agent routing

Select which agents should handle specific interactions based on the characteristics you specify. This could include skill set, responsibilities or existing customer relationships.

Built-in IVR with speech recognition

Add interactive voice response (IVR) with ease. Information collected is shared for interaction routing, handling and reporting to speed up tasks and eliminate duplication.

Reporting and analytics

Attach routing selection data to each call. Enable business intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) like predictive routing to identify behaviors that translate into decisions, such as skills combinations that produce better first-call resolution.

Easy integrations

Seamlessly integrate your ACD system with existing AI, CRM, back-office and custom solutions. These integrations enhance your ability to make better informed routing decisions.

Meet your service goals with smart ACD software

Customers contact you to get questions answered quickly. When they don’t connect with the right expert the first time, customer satisfaction drops. They’ll even switch channels until they get what they need. Blood pressure rises — and so do your costs. Break the cycle with a smart ACD that matches customers with the right agent, with the right information, to turn service problems into opportunities.

When customers get what they need quickly, everybody wins. Both customers and employees are happier, improving sales conversions and maximizing the potential of employee resources.

2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Contact Center as a Service

A CCaaS solution has
long-term implications.
Choose a consistent leader.

Genesys named an eight-time Leader in Magic Quadrant for CCaaS – And ranked #1 in 3 out of 5 Critical Capabilities Use Cases

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Boost business with an ACD that’s simple and powerful

Customers expect businesses to be available on the channels they use every day. This means your contact center needs to take on messaging apps, social media, chat and more. With ACD from Genesys, you can engage with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Get all-in-one inbound call center software

Unlike many other ACD providers, Genesys enables your ACD to run within a single provider. Each component — ACD, IVR, outbound, quality management and workforce management — is built to work together. This delivers simplicity, speed, cost savings and efficiency.

Have a single ACD for voice and digital

Turn customers’ calls, email messages, chats and social comments into a seamless experience. Give employees integrated insights from past interactions across all channels. Agents have all the context they need to facilitate smooth interactions — in a single product.

Let contact center agents work from anywhere

Distributed and remote agents are key to modern customer experience (CX) strategies. An ACD from Genesys makes it easy to create one virtual contact center. Agents can work from different offices, countries and homes — and we also support partner use. You get a unified virtual team that’s easy to manage, plus diverse skills and broader geographical reach.

Gain peace of mind with Genesys

Avoid the lost revenue and negative brand impact of an outage. Keep customer communications open with a dependable ACD. Genesys provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-grade security, reliability and scalability. Spend time taking care of your customers and leave the details to us.

Get ACD on a platform that works for you

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