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Send interactions to the right agent and make everyone happy

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You value your customers’ time — prove it to them

When you route interactions to agents who don’t have the right expertise, customer experience suffers. Customers have to move through multiple queues, sit on hold and repeat their issues at every new touchpoint.

Automatic call distribution (ACD) software helps your inbound call center avoid these mistakes. With skills-based and intelligent routing, calls — and other interactions like chat, email and SMS — follow a logical path. Customer experiences are more efficient and satisfactory with ACD. And, because agents connect with customers they’re best suited to help, your teams are happier, too.


Deliver better results with smart ACD software

Increase revenue

By routing interactions to the best agent, you can improve sales or collections conversions by double-digits.

Reduce handle times

Matching inbound customers with the right agent reduces interaction length and lowers operational costs.

Improve customer experiences

Delivering shorter wait times and faster, more accurate resolutions creates happier customers.

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Experience Success. Together.

Genesys Recognized by Gartner® as a Leader in the August
2021 Magic Quadrant™️ for Contact Center as a Service

Boost business with an ACD that’s simple and powerful

Today’s contact centers must be ready to handle more than phone calls. Customers expect businesses to be available on the channels they use every day. This means your contact center needs to take on messaging apps, social media, chat and more.

Successful customer experiences hinge on effectively managing communications across all those channels. With an ACD from Genesys, you can follow customer conversations anytime, anywhere.

All-in-one inbound call center software

Your ACD needs a few other pieces to run well. Connect your IVR, CRM system and workforce engagement tools to strengthen your ACD. Many ACD providers package these separate components and sell them as a single product.

With Genesys, your ACD runs on an all-in-one platform. Each component — ACD, IVR, outbound, quality management, workforce management and more — is built from the ground up to work together. This delivers simplicity, speed, cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

Single ACD for voice and digital communications

Follow customer conversations across any channel. Turn calls, emails, chats and social comments into a seamless conversation. Give employees insights from past interactions across channels. Agents have all the context they need to facilitate smooth interactions, all on one screen.

Work-from-anywhere contact center agents

Distributed and remote agents are a key part of modern customer experience strategies. An ACD from Genesys makes it easy to create one virtual contact center. Agents can work from different offices, countries and companies (outsourcers), and homes. You get a unified virtual team that’s easy to manage, plus all the benefits of diverse skills and broader geographical reach.

Rock solid contact center infrastructure

Avoid the lost revenue and negative brand impact of an outage. Keep customer communications open with a dependable ACD. Genesys provides businesses of all sizes with enterprise-grade security, reliability and scale. Spend time taking care of your customers and people instead of worrying about the systems they use.

A full-featured ACD that respects customer and employee time

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Built-in IVR with speech recognition

Add IVR and speech with ease. Information collected is shared seamlessly for interaction routing, handling and reporting to speed up tasks and avoid duplication.

Basic ACD routing

Keep it simple. This routing strategy delivers interactions to the agent who’s idle the longest. If all agents are busy, it sends the interaction to the first available agent.

Skills-based routing

It’s great to have the right tools for the job at hand. Skills-based routing matches customers with agents who have the proper expertise to resolve their issues quickly.

AI-powered routing

Offer the ultimate experience. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI), our routing uses your data and machine learning for unprecedented precision in matching customers and agents.

Reporting and analytics

Quickly gain powerful insights. Dashboards provide a consolidated view of customers, agents and interactions — across all channels and locations.

Easy integrations

Seamlessly integrate your ACD with existing AI, CRM, back-office and custom solutions. Snappy integrations enhance the customer and agent experience.

Comprehensive ACD features

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