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Gain reliability and global reach with Genesys voice services

Choose your cloud voice provider

Your journey to the cloud is unique and so are your telecom requirements. That’s why we offer flexible cloud options for voice connectivity. Opt for our bundled Genesys Cloud Voice telephony service — or bring your own cloud carrier (BYOCC).

Improve your agility and control

Business needs change. Genesys Cloud™ voice services give you the tools to instantly respond. Self-service provisioning and auto-scaling capacity give you agility and control, with a transparent usage-based pricing model you’ll love.

Maintain quality and reliability

Poor voice quality and dropped calls leave customers and employees frustrated. Our voice service options deliver crystal-clear voice calls, backed by reliable, resilient service availability.

Do more with scalable, adaptable telephony services

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100% cloud

Keep things simple, fast and hardware-free with cloud-ready SIP trunking. Take advantage of the newest features and enhancements — available only in the cloud.

DIY setup

Take control of your solution with a user-friendly web interface. Purchase, provision and manage your voice services in minutes.


Remove the complexity of capacity planning and unnecessary expenses. Cloud-based voice services can readily scale with ease to handle changes in demand.


Be assured your voice services are always available. Genesys Cloud Voice is backed by multiple Tier-1 carrier partners for maximum redundancy and resiliency.


Voice services from Genesys use Transport Layer Security and Secure Real-time Transport Protocol. You can trust that your business voice interactions are encrypted and secure.


Keeping up with global regulatory compliance can be complicated — and become a costly mistake if there are violations. Choose a best-fit provider to meet regional compliance requirements.



of consumers say they have used voice in the past 12 months for a customer service interaction

“The State of Customer Experience,” Genesys, 2023

Get powerful voice capabilities

Customers reach out to your business through more channels than ever, yet voice remains the one most widely used. Today’s cloud contact centers need a reliable, enterprise-ready telephony system.

With Genesys, you’ll get the flexibility to easily connect your contact center with your existing communications solutions and preferred telecom providers. Or, make the switch to our native cloud telephony service. Use the phone service that best fits your business needs.

Manage VoIP and telephony services your way

From enterprises to small businesses, every brand is unique. The best way to manage your business telephony and VoIP solutions should be, too. Genesys gives you the flexibility you need.

Customize your communications

Harness the speed and agility of Genesys technology and use the phone systems that best fit your business. Our Genesys Cloud Voice and BYOCC options give you flexibility and choice, so you can create and customize your ideal solution.

No matter how simple or complex your contact center infrastructure is, we’ll help you provision the services you need — when and where you need them.

Simplify your global operations

With Global Media Fabric (GMF), organizations can use their preferred cloud carriers worldwide to deliver low latency, high-quality communications and to aid with regulatory compliance. GMF provides a seamless cloud media fabric across Genesys Cloud core and satellite regions, ensuring the most optimized route for media traffic between customer and agent.

By leveraging GMF, your global contact center can run as a single Genesys Cloud organization, which eliminates complexity, simplifies administration and reduces costs.

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Frequently asked questions

What does voice services mean?

Voice services refer to any telecommunication services that allow for voice transmission, often over the internet. These can include traditional phone calls, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls, conference calling, voice broadcasting and more.

What are the different types of telephony services?

Types of telephony services include traditional landline services, mobile cellular services, VoIP, private branch exchange systems and cloud-based telephony services. These services facilitate voice communication over varying distances and through different mediums, like wired, wireless or internet-based channels.

What are the benefits of using voice services?

Voice services offer multiple benefits. They facilitate real-time communication, which is crucial for businesses. They can also enhance customer service by providing a personal touch and immediate response. With advancements in technology, voice services like VoIP offer cost-efficiency, scalability, flexibility and integration with other communication and business software.

What does Bring Your Own Carrier Cloud mean?

Bring Your Own Carrier Cloud, also known as “Be Your Own Carrier,” is an innovative communications model based on businesses choosing their preferred cloud telecom carriers to power and manage their Unified Communications as a Service or Contact Center as a Service solutions. Learn more here.