See what your customers see with screen share and co-browse

Provide a more personal experience by showing, not just telling.


Elevate voice and chat interactions with real-time screen sharing

Prospects and customers won’t put up with a website that’s hard to navigate. If they can’t find the information they need on your site, they’ll look somewhere else. Give them another option with co-browse and screen share capabilities.

Minimize channel escalation, improve first contact resolution (FCR), reduce abandonment, boost customer loyalty and lower service costs. Co-browse and screen share make interactions simple and painless. If users are having trouble, they can share browser pages with contact center agents or knowledge experts. At the same time, they can talk to or chat with that agent or expert. This lets your business show as well as tell prospects and customers how to find the information they need.

Drive revenue growth and improve customer service with co-browse and screen share capabilities

Reduce abandon rates

If your website is confusing or a customer can’t navigate it, they’ll leave. Guide the customer support experience with screen share or a co-browsing tool to help them stick around.

Keep customers happy

Co-browse in web support lets both customers and agents start sessions, ensuring hands-on help at the right time. And it gives clarity to site navigation, form completion and anything else the customer needs.

Empower your agents

Co-browse puts a world of functionality at the agent’s fingertips, enabling them to provide personalized, relevant assistance during the buying process.

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Blueprint for success

Design the perfect cloud contact center solution with our CX blueprint tool.

Take customers beyond voice and chat with a single agent interface

Improve the way the agents and customers communicate across channels. Co-browse and screen share enable visual learning. Agents can readily show customers a solution within their web browser if a call or chat isn’t working. All of this happens in a single interface, with full awareness of each customer’s unique journey.

The best tool at the right time

An interaction can begin as a chat, escalate to a phone call and ultimately resolve with agent guidance using co-browse. Remove barriers. Make your website more accessible. Open channels for customers and give your agents the freedom to pivot when needed.

A conversation is more than this moment

An all-in-one call center system brings together all the pieces of the puzzle. Agents don’t have to manage several different platforms. They don’t have to shuffle windows to find the right information. They have everything they need in a single spot. With co-browse in their arsenal of tools, they can turn disjointed interactions into a seamless journey.

Know what helps

Reporting lets supervisors and agents see when and where co-browsing works best. Figure out which types of interactions use co-browse or screen sharing. Get feedback and use it to proactively offer help when customers want it. And know when to hold back when they don’t.

Guide your customers with co-browsing software

Skills-based, context-sensitive

Co-browsing sessions are offered in conjunction with real-time chat or phone calls. Business rules prioritize and route to the right agent the first time.

Real-time, proactive co-browsing

Integrate with your web engagement tool. See when and where users are getting stuck. Offer help when prospects and customers need it.

Pointer mode

Co-browsing sessions start with agents in read-only mode. So, they can only point and highlight. For more complex interactions, agents can request that customers allow write access.

Unified desktop

A unified, all-in-one platform keeps customer context and history in the same system where agents interact with users.

Customer feedback

Send surveys after co-browsing sessions. Get specific customer feedback and use it to optimize your sales and service strategies.

Reliability built-in

Seamless failover covers you if something goes wrong, protecting your brand and the customer experience.

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