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Serve customers across digital channels with chatbots

Save time and money with AI chatbots that span digital channels

Empower customers with self-service

Chatbots understand journey context and enable customer self-service across digital channels. Customers can easily find answers on their own — with friendly bot support.

Reduce contact center costs

Let chatbots be the first point of contact for customers, reducing staffing costs in call centers. Bots answer common questions quickly and accurately, saving you money.

Help make agents more efficient

By fielding common requests and providing context for escalated issues, bots allow agents to focus on higher-value tasks, improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

Let chatbots be your customers’ first point of contact

Enhanced first-contact resolution

Multiple customers asking the same questions don’t always get a consistent level of service from live agents. But chatbots will happily deliver the correct answers every time.

Context-driven interactions

Add context to customer experiences by adding field-level validation and connecting with existing back-end or third-party systems to deliver more personalized experiences.

Natural language understanding

Integrated natural language understanding (NLU) uses artificial intelligence (AI) to identify customers’ goals and intent from vernacular text. Determine their actual intentions and create smarter bots.

Intuitive visual flow builder

Create smart bots using an intuitive drag-and-drop flow builder that comes equipped with built-in dialog management and natural language processing (NLP) features.

Omnichannel deployment

Enable customers to self-serve wherever they prefer to engage with your brand. Build and customize conversational AI bots — and deploy them across all voice and digital channels.

Supervised learning

Improve customer experiences over time with advanced machine learning. Bots continuously learn with human-in-the-loop monitoring and automatically labeled live customer data.

Bots liberate agents and let customers use self-service

Provide better, faster customer experiences and greater self-service support with chatbots. Let bots take the first queries and free up customer service agents to focus on more complex tasks. When a conversation needs to be escalated to a contact center live chat or phone agent, automated chatbots know when to transfer the interaction, along with the full conversational context.

Powered by the Genesys AI platform, bots also enable contact centers to automate digital conversations with NLU, which comprehends customer intent. This leads to more intelligently orchestrated customer journeys that provide the right information — or direct queries to the right agents — at just the right moment.

Bring your own bots — or easily build from scratch

Our approach is centered around building an ecosystem for businesses in which they’re free to choose a bot platform and easily integrate it with our contact center solution. This ensures a seamless customer experience (CX) across bot and human touchpoints. But the all-in-one capabilities of the Genesys Cloud CX™ platform make that unified CX goal even simpler to achieve, with powerful chatbot software already integrated and ready to use.

Anyone can build a bot

Chatbot development can be easy. Build a bot using either a third-party tool or the intuitive, drag-and-drop Dialog Engine Bot Flows interface native to the Genesys Cloud CX platform. Then specify the engagement channels you want to deploy it on, such as SMS messaging, live chat, email, social media or phone calls. One well-built bot can do it all.

Intent Miner reveals what customers want

Intent Miner, an integrated feature of Genesys Cloud CX, helps bot builders stop wasting time guessing at customer intentions. It uses AI to automatically surface intents from actual conversations and digital interactions, providing insights that bot authors can apply to improve native or third-party bots. The result is more accurate bots, deployed faster.

Customize with customer context

Add context to customer experiences by connecting with existing back-end or third-party systems to deliver intelligently optimized service. Bots collect and validate customer information — and continuously learn with automatically labeled live customer data — so they’ll get smarter over time.

Bots and humans are better together

Customers can engage with a chatbot first; Genesys AI knows when to hand off to a live customer support agent. At that point, conversations and all interaction details move to a human. A seamless transition is vital to maintaining customer engagement and ensuring satisfaction.

Forrester wave 2023

The Forrester Wave™: Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS), Q1 2023


Genesys was recognized as a Leader and cited for its superior vision that can take customers beyond the contact center and into all customer interactions.

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