Ensure contact center quality assurance and compliance

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Improve quality and mitigate risks

Save process time with automation

With automation, you’ll spend less time identifying areas that need improvement. Evaluation policies select the right interactions for review. Evaluation assistance answers questions based on speech and text analytics. This quickly uncovers areas for recognition and improvement across channels.

Monitor interaction quality in real time

Improve agent onboarding with real-time monitoring and coaching. Evaluate all interactions using out-of-the-box or custom topics.This helps you keep pace with huge volumes of interaction data. Supervisors and agents get the insights they need to uncover trends so they can adjust behavior and improve service quality.

Protect your customers and business

Managing risk is critical to business success. Record, track and analyze every interaction to ensure compliance with regional and global regulatory demands — even when volumes spike. Automatically tag sensitive information that should be masked or redacted to protect customer data.

Get customer insights with less effort

Interaction and screen recording

Keep every recorded interaction on hand for your compliance and legal needs. Natively record all interactions across channels. With 4K resolution across multiple monitors, you’ll see full-frame recordings of agent screens.

Quality management and evaluations

Set up automated policies to record, store and identify which interactions to focus on for evaluations. A user-friendly interface makes it easy to identify key insights, execute quality evaluations and schedule coaching sessions.

AI speech and text analytics

Speech and text analytics, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), transform customer conversations. In this way, they become essential resources for improving customer experience (CX). This helps protect your business and your agents, and you can quickly scale quality assurance and compliance.

Voice of the customer

Get firsthand insights into what is and isn’t working in your contact center. After monitoring your interactions, let customers provide feedback through a timely survey. Use these insights to improve quality standards.

Real-time supervisor monitoring

Elevate agent performance with supervisor monitoring that lets them engage through live coaching or “whispering.” They can join active conversations using the barge-in feature or observe live interactions to guarantee quality.

AI-enhanced evaluations

Use artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced evaluations in your contact center. Merge human insight with AI to swiftly manage quality and reduce biases in the review process. This gives you refined and impartial quality benchmarks.

Protect your business and customers

Protecting your business, customers and data is critical to your success. And quality monitoring is easy with Genesys. You can assure compliance across interactions and curate customer loyalty.

Automate and improve processes so that all contact center interactions meet the highest levels of quality, efficiency and compliance. By replacing manual processes with a single user interface, you can easily manage all interactions across channels and recordings. Empower supervisors and agents with the right tools so they can understand customer sentiment, monitor in real time and access evaluations.

Strengthen your call center quality assurance

Customer experience can make or break your company. Record and store every customer interaction with absolute data integrity. Understand what’s happening in your contact center and make adjustments where needed. And do it all from your Genesys product.

Improve your quality of service by examining trends, agent behaviors and knowledge gaps. Turn these insights into coaching and use them to assign learning modules. These opportunities for growth can fortify your compliance efforts and CX.

Record 100% of interactions without any data loss

Record all interactions in any channel and maintain the integrity of the content and structure. You’ll collect and retain 100% of the information — for as long as required. Get the full picture of agent desktop activity when you record it using a 4K multiple-monitor resolution. And with automated bulk recording exports to your private Amazon S3 bucket, you keep total ownership.

Drive quality at scale with automated workflows

Save time by automating repetitive tasks for quality assurance. Traditional evaluation techniques rely on manual search, selection, scoring and assignment. Dive deep into Voice of the Customer insights across channels to pinpoint trends and reveal important areas for improvement. Deploy policies that scale and create a fair approach to quality and performance assessment.

Get enterprise-grade security and compliance

Meet the highest levels of compliance on a global scale. Address regional regulations and industry requirements, using a set of integrated tools and automated processes for recording and quality management.

Make sure that you properly handle sensitive information. This should include end-to-end encryption, custom recording retention policies, protection from deletion, recording consent, and masking of sensitive data. And identify potential fraud, disputes, claims or legal actions using speech and text analytics.

Uncover customer insights with ease

Take the effort out of finding the information you need. Detailed search and filter functions let you identify conversation trends and development opportunities. Or lean into AI-powered speech and text analytics tools to identify the right information.

Extract meaning and insights from every interaction. Use these insights to plan, execute and improve customer satisfaction and employee experiences.

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Automate your call quality assurance and monitoring

Say goodbye to time-consuming monitoring practices. Become a contact center QA specialist with AI-powered call center software. Identify and address areas for improvement before they become problems. Schedule a demo to see how quality assurance makes every interaction better.

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Frequently asked questions

What is quality management?

Quality management covers a suite of tools and processes designed to handle interactions more effectively and efficiently. This system includes interaction and screen recording, real-time monitoring, and tools for locating and evaluating recorded interactions. Reporting and calibration features are common, as are speech and text analytics capabilities.

Why is interaction recording important?

Interaction recording captures and stores exchanges between customers and agents. This is essential data to monitor team performance. It gauges the quality of service provided and the overall customer experience. By using actual conversation examples, it promotes effective coaching and agent development.

Interaction recording is also necessary for regulatory compliance and liability protection. It addresses compliance norms from the specific industry and region that renders the service and aids in resolving claims and disputes.

What are the benefits of quality assurance?

Quality assurance enables contact centers to uphold consistency and peak efficiency in operations. Its methodologies set a single service standard across all customer service teams. This gives teams clear guidelines and benchmarks to achieve industry-leading customer service. It also improves team performance and pinpoints areas for development.

What is speech and text analytics?

Speech and text analytics empowers contact centers to glean insights from customer-agent dialogue, focusing on sentiment analysis and topic trends. These insights highlight areas of improvement, recognition and concern, to help contact centers better understand and serve customers and employees. Speech and text analytics features can provide transcription and analytics on 100% of interactions for deep insight into customer-agent conversations.

What is quality assurance in a call center?

Quality assurance in a call center evaluates agent performance and ensures that interactions align with set standards of service excellence. Using tools like call monitoring and performance indicators, contact centers can boost customer satisfaction. This can directly influence Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and customer retention.

What’s the difference between quality assurance and quality control in a call center?

In call centers, quality assurance is proactive and focuses on process-oriented activities. Its goal is to optimize agent performance. It does this through consistent training and CX processes, such as social media interactions, to meet desired service outcomes.

In contrast, quality control is reactive. It looks at completed interactions to ensure they meet established criteria. Quality control uses tools like call monitoring to detect and rectify errors.

How do you create a call center quality assurance process?

To establish a quality assurance process in contact centers, first set clear service standards. These might include performance indicators like NPS. Then implement interaction recording tools for call monitoring, review interactions regularly to gauge agent performance, and offer feedback.

How do you pass QA in a call center?

For agents in call centers to excel in QA, they need to understand and adhere to organizational service standards. In addition to benchmarks like NPS, agents need regular training that demonstrates proficiency across channels. These include social media and continuous call monitoring. Agents should also stay updated on performance indicators and seek feedback to enhance performance that supports customer retention.