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Keep track of context whether customers use self-service or shift to an agent

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Take a fresh look
at your IVR

Many organizations use IVR as a way to reduce costs. But in doing so, they miss its real value — improving customer service. A well-designed IVR system is fast, convenient and personalized. It drives customer satisfaction and saves time.

Genesys IVR connects voicebots, microapps and back-end systems to resolve issues more efficiently. It leverages Natural Language Understanding (NLU), a type of speech recognition that lets a bot understand spoken requests.

Eliminate confusing and hierarchical menus in favor of data-backed journey options. Maximize benefits with a solution that keeps pace with innovations in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and NLU. Improve self-service with a solution that integrates into your current environment. Voicebot-powered AI turns pre-recorded messages into a powerful differentiator.


Make your business accessible to customers

Power customer self-service through automation

Deliver personalized and proactive interactions. Use your data to drive journeys. Customers will gravitate toward a well-informed automated system for an effortless self-service experience

Access the value of people

Automation only goes so far. Blend modern technology with assisted service to maximize benefits. Reduce the cost to serve customers, manage higher call volumes and improve experiences.

Customize your app with simple tools

Customize your application how you need it. Build and deploy a straightforward IVR or tackle the most complex applications. Powerful, easy-to-use tools equip even non-programmers for more innovation and control over IVR technology.

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Genesys named a Leader in Gartner
2020 Magic Quadrant for CCaaS

Ranked highest for Completeness of Vision

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Raise your interaction expectations

Delivering great customer experiences is about simplifying and personalizing engagements. That means understanding the customer’s needs. Use relevant profile details, business information and rules to customize experiences.

Integrate ACD and business systems

Tightly integrate Genesys IVR with your ACD and business systems. Create seamless self-service solutions using pre-built, multilingual microapps, and deliver standard services. Or pre-route for the ACD and then deliver your customer call to the correct agent. Linked routing and IVR make it possible.

Get on board with conversational IVR

NLU and machine learning let callers interact in a way that feels natural. Integrations with recognition vendors like Nuance enable understanding of complete phrases. Integrated dual-tone, multifrequency and speech-enabled options offer more ways to improve experiences and resolve issues faster.

Personalize Genesys IVR to meet customer needs

Most IVR applications give customers identical options, regardless of context. Tailor messages, menus and treatments for individual customers with a customizable system. Set rules based on who the customer is, why they’re calling and the capacity of your contact center. This improves FCR, Net Promoter Score (NPS) and containment rates.

Leverage powerful pre-built microapps

Microapps ease integration to your CRM and other core business systems. This makes it simpler to complete tasks and support self-service. Choose from a wide range of pre-built microapps — some that are industry-specific — to customize your solution. Reduce costs and improve NPS with fewer resource-intensive deployments.

Build your IVR around customer needs

Visuals ease the caller burden

Visual IVR brings the power of easy touchscreen navigation to the smartphone. Give customers an intuitive way to complete or complement voice interactions. Offer personalized menus, instead of making customers remember a list of options.

Reduce security risks with secure IVR flows

Let your customers enter sensitive information securely and confidentially during a self- or assisted-service payment transaction.

Optimize your caller engagement

Improve quality and lower costs using IVR, automation and AI. Deliver seamless experiences across voice, self- and assisted service. Customer satisfaction rises with a data-driven system.

Remove the repetition

Identify and verify your customers in the IVR — and ensure they’ll never have to repeat themselves. Improve the customer experience and reduce your agent call time.

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