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Genesys Preference Management

Leverage customer preferences to maximize outreach effectiveness

Genesys Preference Management


For consumers:

  • Convenience
  • Receive customized and personalized communications
  • Better customer experience and heightened loyalty

For businesses:

  • Communicate via preferred channels
  • Improve response rates
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Optimize contact strategies
  • Use lower-cost outbound channels
  • Enable cross-channel interactions
  • Meet compliance requirements

Key Features

  • Sends requests asking customers to provide their communications preferences
  • Captures preferences (including opt-in) over multiple channels
  • Grows and maintains a customer preference database, including removing contacts when appropriate
  • Enables organizations to comply with regulations and customer consent
  • Allows companies to send personal and customized customer communications

Communications overload

Today’s consumers are bombarded with a variety of different business and personal communications, with many individuals receiving hundreds of voice calls, emails, and text messages every day. This “communications overload” impacts your organization’s chances of gaining the desired responses to your outreach campaigns. Furthermore, consumers are becoming savvier and using various methods and services to block unwanted communications—further decreasing your response rates.

Individuals have preferences, and most are willing to share them

The best way to get your customer communications past all the clutter and maximize right party contacts is to fully understand how customers want to be contacted. Customers are often willing to provide organizations they do business with their communications preferences—but they have to be asked. Additionally, consumers implicitly inform you how they wish to be communicated with based on the channels through which they respond or don’t respond. For this reason, it is critical to observe and track customer behavior. By combining both stated and implied preferences, you gain valuable insight that will lead to deeper customer engagement and improved response rates resulting in trusted, lifelong, and profitable relationships.

Genesys Preference Management solution

The Genesys Preference Management solution combines consultative services and a web-based solution to help organizations develop and implement an effective and flexible preference management program that lets customers indicate their communications preferences for desired content, channels, and frequency. The solution can also leverage observed customer behaviors such as language selection, responses by channel, and promise-to-pay followthrough to optimize results and improve the customer experience.

The more relevant, personal, timely, and engaging your communications are, the better your results will be. Genesys Preference Management enables your firm to capture and honor the “What, When, and How” you communicate with customers and includes:

  • Branded online Preference Center for customers to securely self-manage their preferences
  • Repository of collected customer information including customer record, contact points, communications preferences, opt-in, and observed behaviors
  • Agent interface for searching, viewing, and updating customer preferences
  • Administrative interface for permission-setting and import and export of data
  • Integration with Genesys proactive communications solutions—or any third-party outbound platform—to execute automated voice, dialer, text, and email messages

Genesys analytics and optimization provides an additional level of intelligence by analyzing communications strategies and response rates while benchmarking against overall business metrics.

Strategy for building an effective preference management program

Establishing a preference management program requires a combination of technology, resources, and a detailed strategy to capture and manage consumer communications preferences. Key steps of a strategy include:

  • Assess your communications goals and strategy. Evaluate your current infrastructure, resources, and constraints. Also, review the completeness and accuracy of your consumer data to identify gaps.
  • Build a foundation on which you can capture and manage your consumer data and communications preferences, ensuring the flexibility to support more complex, multichannel communications campaigns.
  • Capture contact data, opt ins, and communications preferences to build consumer profiles that will enable targeted, relevant marketing programs.
  • Honor the captured preferences to ensure you are communicating with consumers the way they prefer.
  • Manage your consumer data by consistently adding new contacts and preference options, while also updating your existing data.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your proactive consumer communications strategies and evolve your programs, consumer preferences, and data accordingly.

Get started today

A well-designed and executed preference management program provides your organization with the valuable insight you need to communicate with consumers the way they desire, enabling more cost-effective, relevant, and effective communications. Genesys has the solutions and expertise to assist you with the development, execution, and ongoing management of a comprehensive preference management program.

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